I Got a Sneak Peak Of The NatterJacks BRAND NEW EP AND ITS AWESOME!

The NatterJacks are an Indie/Folk Duo made up of Mark and Freddie from Derbyshire.


September 15th will see the duo first release of the latest EP ‘In the Bark’.

The three Track EP starts with the EP’s Name ‘In the Bark’ which sets the Whole

EP I think. An Upbeat track and the slow strumming of the guitar makes this a

Track to listen to again and again.

‘Close’ has a slower beat but still has that edge to make you want to have it on repeat.

‘Part Of Love’ seems to be a more personal song with a range of slow and up beats

Which makes it a unique song with the backing track and vocals are catchy and a unique edge which their fans love to hear.

This is an EP MUST GET !

It will be great for a night in or a afternoon to listen to and not get bored.

This is a DUO to get following and buy their NEW EP out



Like On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Natterjacks/178794162141930?fref=ts

Follow On Twitter : https://twitter.com/thenatterjacks




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