Review: Delta Rae, The Six Piece from Durham, NC. The Six piece released their latest album ‘After It All’.


The Six Piece made up of Ian Hölljes, Eric Hölljes, Brittany Hölljes, Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee, Grant Emerson have an Americana Genre.

Track 1 ‘Anthem’ starts with a calm piano intro and straight in to the deep and strong vocals which is very pleasant to listen to.

Track 2 ‘Run’ a more of an upbeat track but still has high but peaceful vocals which you could just listen to over and over.

Track 3 ‘OutLaws’ again upbeat but more of a personal song that you can understand all the lyrics and with the different ranges it shines straught through the whole album and you can really feel the music flow nice and calm.

This is just three of the fourteen tracks which gives you the feeling of the theme of the album which is ‘Dreams’ and being cheerful which this is an album that can definatly do that.It also has a musical feel to it which flows through and feel puts the music out there and makes it unique and fantastic to listen too.
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