What are your names? Stina Janson & Josefin G Nilsson 

What is your genre of music?

Electro Pop or rather indietronica 🎶

Give us a little bio about you as a duo and individuals,

Stina and Josefin have been writing and performing together since 2014 and have now debuted their first full length album ‘That Weary Heart Of Yours’ (Strawberry Hill Music, may 17th) – an album that is full of emotions, sound elaborations and their two distinctly recognizable voices. They describe their music and the new record as “a musical portrait of everything that is going on in our lives”
Stina : Stina engineers Almost Honeys sound with elaborate precision. She is passionate about sound, and obsessively experiments with the studio equipment, microphones and whatever she gets her hand on to find the right expression and sound. Stina has a dark voice with a distinct and clear expression and dark lyrics.
Josefin: Josefin’s mind is razor sharp and fast to combine impressions to surprising conclusions and lyrics that stands out with shining images. Josefin has a clear distinctly recognizable voice with a lot of power. Her musical language is melodic.
As persons we are extremely humorous, fast in thought and hard working. 

How long have you been doing music?

We started creating together 2014, but have both been living with music in our lives since we grew up. 
What made you go in to music?

Music is our way to breathe, I think it has always been there, since we were kids. It’s needed to exist/live and for us to feel free. All the things that’s going on in life, all the feelings flourishing around – we need to express all that info passing through your body and soul. So music is a must in our lifes. 

Your album was released on the 17th of May but for those who haven’t heard it – what can they expect? 

They can expect an indietronica album with really good music made by a huge amount of love and hard work! 

Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour? 

We will do some gigs locally and play at a festival in South of Sweden. 

What instruments do you play?

We play keyboard and sing and do all other instruments and tracks with a little help from our computer friend! 

Who are your influences?

Very wide. We have a bit separate music taste actually, but with strong common artists. 

Stina’s music roots starts with The Cure, PJ Harvey, Pixies, Tom Waits – synthpop of the 80’es – Depeche Mode, Howard Jones – and Madonna! Josefin is a indie-girl with her heart in both swedish pop, a little bit of electro and dance and american bands such as Death Cab, Band of horses and Black keys.

How do you get inspiration to write songs?

By being alive. All thing you experience in both every day life and when things get dramatic. We are fascinated by all the stories going on in our and other lives – this all inspire us to write. 

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

We are playing and being played all over the world. We can live of our music. 

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Stina works as an Interactive Art Director and Josefin works as a Project Manager at the Union.
Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in UK?


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in USA?


If you could get one of your songs on a TV show, which would it be? 

Oh, what to choose… Game of thrones we guess! 

 What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Every day you make a choice. Even if you don’t do anything – that’s a choice to. Don’t forget that. 

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

Be you – do your thing. Find your own voice and sound. Don’t try to copy anyone else. 

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

This is good (enough)!

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?  

The ambience – The audience – The sound technician 😃 

Where is the best place to visit on Sweden for someone who hasn’t visited?

The archipelago! 

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?


Instagram @almosthoney

Twitter @almosthoneySwe


The UK Vinyl Revolution with Electro London

What are your names?
Rob Green & Johnny Normal

How old are you?

Old enough to be wise, young enough to say ‘what the hell’!!!

What is the genre?
Synth Wave (synthpop / electro)

Give us a bio about you.

We are two independent artists and promoters with a shared passion for great songs made with electronic instruments. I (Rob Green) perform with The Department, was signed to Feargal Sharkey’s label and have remixed for artists such as Robbie Williams and William Orbit. Johnny Normal performs with his post-punk electronic rock-pop group, and has toured with the likes of Adam Ant and Blancmange. He’s also a Swine Flu survivor – surviving a 7 month battle with the disease back in 2014. Johnny hosts a radio show every Wednesday night promoting independent synth music.

You are your own Electro label, what is the name and can you tell us more about that?

Electro London Records was established on the back of our successful Electro London Festival established in September 2015. We started by putting out a compilation CD of all the bands who played at the festival and sort of moved on from there. We wanted to put out a ground breaking new stand-alone compilation featuring some of the amazing new electronic songs that are currently being released around the world and so ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ was born. We felt that the album was so good that it deserved a classy vinyl release so we hired an amazing sleeve artist and got the album mastered for vinyl by the great Pete Maher (U2 / Depeche Mode etc.) and soon attracted the interest of SRD who are now our sole worldwide physical and digital distributor, meaning that ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ will be in cool record shops across the UK and much of the world. It’s a limited edition release – only 800 copies will be out there but we want them to spread far and wide.

What is your campaign about?

Our campaign is about helping to restore the health of popular electronic music. ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ and its music is a reaction to the lack-lustre pop music we seem to be fed across the globe. People are writing amazing, catchy and meaningful songs and putting them together in an accomplished, professional way as electronic music production is now so affordable, it’s given people the means to make great music, who probably wouldn’t have had the chance if they were doing this 20 years ago. Now amazing musicians from here to China can be on a level playing field sonically. Underground electronic artists have raised their game so much in recent years. ‘SWV1’ is a reflection of the very best of this world-wide underground music movement.

Why choose ‘Sue Ryder Charity’?

Sue Ryder is a very worthy charity and one that’s close to our hearts. We liked the idea of putting a few brand new ‘Synth Wave’ vinyl records in some charity stores, ahead of release, like a kind of golden egg hunt, both to help Sue Ryder and to further spread the word about ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’.

do you think Vinyl should be more popular than streaming?

There is something very cool about taking the time to relax in your living room with some of your favourite tracks on vinyl. It’s more of an occasion and the records are very nice objects to collect. They sound richer and you have to look after them and turn them over half way through, which adds to the gravity of the experience I think. Listening to records is ‘me time’ and very valuable time indeed. Streaming however, is a revolutionary way of listening to music – it is very handy, portable and allows you to check almost any track out immediately. They both have their place, in my opinion and the joy of hunting out a record you really want in shops can’t be under stated! The release is out on vinyl and digital only so you can listen to it either way you prefer, but I guarantee you will love the look, feel and sound of the physical record. It’s quite a thing to behold.

Tell us about the album.

 ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ is a compilation of 12 of the finest underground electronic songs in the world, made by artists dotted around the planet. Synth Wave is essentially fantastic, cool modern synth pop music, inspired by artists from the 80’s and is a very pleasurable listening experience. The artists are gaining success in their own rights on the underground electronic scene and all the songs are completely road tested. This music deserved nothing less than a release on vinyl and that’s why we did it like this. It’s distributed by SRD and it’s limited edition – only 800 copies world wide. It’s been beautifully designed and has been mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Depeche Mode etc.) 

How did you come up with your research in to your project? 

We just thought that this special album deserves an equally special and unique approach to its promotion. We’re thinking outside the record box, so to speak! 

What made you go in to the music industry and this project? 

Johnny and I have been music lovers and creators since we were children in the 80’s (although we didn’t know each other back then!) and I guess it was inevitable that both of us would end up in the business. ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ can be attributed partly to us wanting to give modern youth the fantastic popular music experience we were lucky enough to have as kids. 

What do you hope to see happen after your project is finished? 

We hope that ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ will change the world for the better in some way. Let’s face it, what we all need in the world right now is something new that’s great and positive. We’ve lost some of the world’s finest and most inventive artistic genius recently. It’s time we nurtured and enjoyed some awesome new artists. 

What do you do in your spare time?

Rob: I have little spare time as I’m also a sound engineer and occasionally make music for television, but I’m a very keen foodie and enjoy cooking. 

Johnny: Listening to music and supporting West Ham.

 What advice would you give to others in the music industry? 

If you really believe in what you’re doing and you truly love it, then get involved in the music business, but be aware that it will be very tough and that you have no guarantee whatsoever of gaining any success or money from it. If you’re cool with all that, then go for it! 

What quote or saying do you always stick by? 

‘It takes years of hard work before you become an overnight success!’ 

Do you have any social media accounts so readers can see more?

Facebook: Twitter:


Adam Simons aka WANDERER , is back with an indie/pop filled single with hints of the 80s! 
‘Driving’ starts off with the sound of running engines and a soft guitar instrumental which sets the theme of the song so vividly and very cleverly put together. 

The drum beat then comes in after with the same guitar strings building the song up even more and taken you on the journey of the song which is telling a story about him.
Wanderer throughout sounds so professional and really hear him tell this story of a little love story and ‘ I love when we’re driving ‘ just shows he just wants to have fun and be with this person and even if it is just ‘Driving’.
Check it out below 

Follow Wanderer on Social Media;

Twitter: @wandererband 
Instagram : @wandererband 


What is your name?Johanna Cooper but everyone calls me Jo.

What is your genre of music?

Pop/Soul and Dance

Give us a little bio about you.

Born and raised in Sydney Australia and love it. I gave up my job in the corporate world to follow my dream of singing. I always knew that I wanted to sing from a very young age however my parents didn’t agree to it being a ‘real job’. I write my own songs and have nearly finished my very first album. I talk a lot and love my coffee.

What made you go into music?

I have loved music as long as I can remember. It all really started when one of my music teachers gave me an ultimatum of singing at the school cabaret or getting afternoon detention for talking and humming too much in class that I noticed I could hold a tune. I loved it and couldn’t believe how absolutely terrified I was of doing it in the first place. I was seriously considering afternoon detention and having to face my dad who was extremely strict over singing in public.

Are you signed?

Totally independent

Your brand new single ‘Touch The Sky’ what’s the meaning behind?

Touch The Sky was a break from the deep and meaningful and extremely fun to write and record. It’s upbeat and catchy, I had reached a point of being pretty stressed and needed a night out and I feel that my mood and frame of mind comes out pretty clearly in the song. It’s a feel good track.
You are releasing your debut album mid 2016, what can you tell us about that?

I can’t wait to release it, I’m sure everyone feels that way. It’s been a great experience, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and I love that I was able to write every song, which makes it a very personal journey. There wasn’t a specific direction when I started writing this album so the tracks are all very different.

Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour?
Yes, I always organize shows after my releases.
If you are, where are will you be heading?
The plan is to head to the UK and look at doing a few home shows in Sydney as well.
You are working with Quite Great PR, how did that come about?
When I released my first single I wanted to release it in the UK but I never got there, so I decided I would go ahead and release it anyway without being there. Quite Great were a brilliant partner who worked with me to get the track and video out to the world. I really enjoyed working with them so here we are again.

You performed on ‘ The Morning Show’, how did that come about and what was your best memory?

I released my first single ‘Stupid Boy’ and it was a year later that someone filmed part of my show were there was a dance routine, the network saw it on my Fan Page and contacted my PR. It was great timing as I had just released my EP. The fact that I wasn’t nervous was my best memory of the entire experience, I couldn’t believe it but no nerves at all.
You also performed at The Rugby League at half time for the ‘The South Sydney Rabbitohs’ how did that feel?
It was an amazing experience and so much fun, I was taken out on a mattress, which was a first for me 
Do you play any instruments?
No, I am taking piano lessons however to make songwriting a bit easier.
Who are your influences?
I have many but to name a few, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and Etta James

 How do you get inspiration to write songs?
Many different ways, mostly life experiences and events, my mood has a lot to do with what I write at the time. I have also written songs from hearing random sounds, which inspires a tune/melody. One of my tracks was born from a sound the lift was making. You really can’t plan what is going to be an influence on a track.
Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Making more albums and touring would be the plan for now, who knows these goals are always changing.
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
I have a few other projects I’m working on, otherwise I’m in a café drinking lots of coffee and generally talking to strangers.
If you could collaborate with a UK Artist who would it be?

There are a few, but two that immediately come to mind are Gorge Michael and Paul Epworth. These two would be a dream to collaborate with.
If you could collaborate with a USA Artist who would it be?
There are a few, but two that immediately come to mind are Dr Dre, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé or Bruno Mars
Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in UK?
Glastonbury Festival, Royal Albert Hall, O2 Academy Oxford
Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in USA?
Anywhere in New Orleans and Coachella
What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?
I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
Un-break my heart – Toni Braxton
I will survive – Gloria Gaynor

If you could get one of your tracks on a TV show, which would it be?

I think Don’t Turn Back or Running Free would make great TV syncs.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Be true to yourself, as you can’t please everyone.
Don’t assume anything.
You’re not more entitled nor less entitled to follow your dreams and be happy.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
You have to be doing music for genuine reasons, you need to be passionate and love what you do first and foremost.

What quote or saying do you always stick by? I have three that I love:

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
 “Do what is right, not what is easy”

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you”

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

Mmmmm, five ok, water, lip-gloss, microphone, good energy, and my voice, there you go there’s five J

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?








What is your name and how old are you? My name is Dario and I’m the singer/guitarist of Stella Diana. How old? I’m still very young 🙂

What is your genre of music? I love new wave, post punk, shoegazing and classical music, but I can’t reduce everything to these genres. Music is so sweeping and I/we listen a lot of it. Lately, for example, I’m listening Massive Attack.
 Why did you want to go in to this genre?   It’s something natural for us. Shoegazing is a sort of chaos; pure sounds, melodic noise and the chance to push everything over. We’d like to create a big wave of sound full of desire, dream and reverb…

 How did you all meet? Give us a little bio about you. This line up has three years but I founded the band with Giacomo many years ago. At the beginning we played with a drum machine, then we found a drummer. During these years we changed ten drummers and we added another guitarist, a dear friend of ours: Raffaele. Now we are me, vocals and guitar, Giacomo on the bass guitar and Davide on drums.

 How long have you been doing music? I don’t remember exactly when I started to get involved with music. I think when I was on high school. I played in a lot of bands with a lot of people, but you know, these are the kind of things where you only think about to rock and have fun. Stella Diana is my first (and the last) serious project.

 What made you go in to music?When I listened The Doors for the first time. I was ten and I thought: ok, that’s right. I don’t know how I can do but I want to do this…

 Are you signed?  In the past we had two labels. Seahorse recordings for the first album and happy/mopy for Gemini our 2nd album. From 41 51 93 and now Nitocris, we have our personal label: Vipchoyo Sound Factory. An indie label created with heart and passion. We are available for each Italian or foreign musical proposal.

You are releasing an ‘LP’ called ‘Nitocris’ tomorrow, tell us more about it. Nitocris was an Egyptian queen, it seems she really existed. it is said that she was beautiful, but, and this is very strange, there is no painting or monument that represents her and this is terrible. It’s the same as it happens in our lives. We live, eat, work, make music, love, but for a strange reason, sometimes, people forget about us, about what we did during our life. It’s heartbreaking and melancholic. so with Nitocris for these reasons we wanted a very dark sound much darker then it was in the past. We worked hardly on the rhythmic and we think that this obsessive sound of bass and drums can take the listener to obscure lands full of atmosphere. We tried to make a fusion of shoegazing and 80’s new wave like The Sound or Echo and the Bunnymen united with Ride and Slowdive.

Tell us more about the background of the tracks individually.  Each song is connected to the other. For us it’s a kind of a unique theme. Sofia is a slow and intense lullaby with the same words from the beginning to the end. F.U. Orionis it’s a march that explodes with its sonic guitars. Let me see. Oh yes there is Dedu’n. Dedu’n is like the ocean, a stormy ocean with a final psychedelic maelstrom. Psychedelic Furs is a gentle ballad. With M.9 we are very shoegazing, yes it’s short and shoegazing. J. Carpenter it’s a tribute to one of my favorite directors. Don’t you think that the synth is very “Escape from New York?” I put also a sampler of big trouble in Chinatown at the end. Aphrodia recalls to me something of Ride.

 Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour?  Unfortunately we had to cancel some gigs because I had health problems. But we are an independent band so we are always on tour 🙂

Now I’m ok and we are ready to rock around Italy. However, at the same time we are looking for a booking agency cause it’s impossible to do everything by ourselves.

Who are your influences and how do you get inspiration to write songs?  Musically for me and also for my pals, joy division, Bauhaus, talk talk, slowdive, cocteau twins, lush, strangelove, cure, pale saints, mazzy star, ride, adorable, six by seven, the cult, Christian death, echo and the bunnymen, savages, warpaint, editors. It’s impossible to make a list. But I think also to Beethoven, Mahler, the Neapolitan School of 18th-century with Scarlatti, Pergolesi, etc. The cinema: lynch, carpenter, lucas, ridley scott, gus van sant, tarantino and the Italian school: rossellini, visconti, de sica, sordi, tot≥. In particular, for me, it’s philosophy because I teach philosophy, painting, and literature. I love Philip Dick, William Gibson and all the cyberpunk and sci-fi genre. All of this helps to create our sound and my lyrics.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?   Oh. Let me think. It’s a bad question 🙂 I’m writing a cyberpunk novel. I want to complete my literary saga and hope I have achieved my goals with the band.

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?   as I said I teach history and philosophy, I like writing, reading, watch movies and concerts and, of course, being a fan of my favourite football team: Napoli. Giacomo is always very busy with Vipchoyo Sound Factory, his recording studio and our label and Davide plays the drums all the day.

If you could collaborate with one UK Artist who would it be?  The dream became reality last April. In fact, we played with one of our idols: Patrick Duff of Strangelove. It was really amazing and after his gig we played FREAK together. So can I still have three options? Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, Andy Bell of Ride but I’d like to work with joy division producer, martin hannett. He was a genius.

If you could collaborate with one USA Artist who would it be?  oh it’s very simple: hope sandoval of mazzy star and interpol.

 Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in UK or in USA?  maybe reading or something in N.Y. or L.A. but we have no preference. Give us only a careful and passionate audience…

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? primal of Slowdive…

 If you could get one of your songs on a TV show, which would it be?Mmhh.. yes, F.U. Orionis

 When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you must take with you or remember?    the sheets with my lyrics, my plectrums, some bottle of water, a picture of Maradona as a lucky charm and I repeat to myself: keep calm, go easy, don’t worry: this will be the best gig you’ve ever done…

 Do you have social media accounts so your new fans can follow you. 

 sure. you can follow us on facebook, twitter, bandcamp, you tube, tumblr or Soundcloud. Here are some links:








 What are your names?

Lenny Fontana

James D-Train Williams


Where are you from?

Lenny Fontana- From Brooklyn – Queens New York,

James D-Train Williams- Brooklyn New York

What label are you signed to?

Karmic Power Records


What made you go in to music?

For D-Train it was a matter of seeing the Jackson 5 perform on the Ed Sullivan show and him witnessing a young Michael Jackson, he told me from that moment he knew he was destined for singing and being a showmen. For me it started because of my grandmother Victoria had this dream for me to be a leader of an orchestra, and she pushed for me to take classical piano lessons.


How long have you been in the music industry?

For D-Train since the very early 80’s, For me it feels like forever and ever, but officially producing and making records in the late 1980’s…


D Train, you’ve had hits in the 80’s , what was it like?

He always told me incredible, like a dream come true. Could not ask for a greater moment in his life to be treated like a superstar. Did you know he did Soul Train numerous times here in USA and Top Of The Pops numerous times as well. That is an achievement all in itself.


Has your music developed into different genres over time?

I had started when house music was in its early stages.. I always stayed true to the form but when the electronic sound became more popular, I dabbled in it but always tried to keep to the real basics of house. I seem to be drawn more to what we would call the Jazzy House sound, or blacker house sound.. Then say the EDM which I cannot stand at all.


How long have you two been working together?

9 years

Lenny, you’ve worked in a duo before how is this project different?

The difference then anyone else where I have had success before is D-Train and I are like family.. there is no question of trust and getting things done. D-Train believes in me and I back him 1000 percent..

Will we see an EP or album anytime soon?

Well we have already three tracks so an EP is now ready an album I will not say no but a possible maybe, we shall see as this develops..
Tell us more about any of your new music you have planned.

Well now with the success of this tune with D-Train I am already in planning stages for the next record because I believe in this partnership. It is working firmly and I don’t want to stop the train. In the meantime for the last year I have been tweaking a new song with the famous Alison Limerick. You will hear this soon the track is called Bye Bye.. and she is another powerhouse of an artist..

Do you play any instruments?

I am Classically trained on the piano.



Who are your influences?

Roy Ayers, George Duke, Quincy Jones, Gamble And Huff,
Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John , there are so many.


Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour?

Yes I have gigs in England and Europe this coming summer.


If you are, where are will you be heading?

To London in June Manchester, Italy, Germany and more and more are coming in now.


When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

My headphone, My USB Sticks, My back up Cd’s, My Flashlight, and my cellphone..


How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Just listening to other music.. gets me inspired right away. Maybe I hear a chord progression or a melody and gives me inspiration to start to write the composition. I am not a lyricist.. D-Train is a master at that.
Where do you see yourself in 5 Years? Hopefully with a huge catalog of amazing hit records.

When you’re not creating music, what do you do?

I am father, a husband, a Lionel O Gauge Train Collector.. these days it seems that I am always working and never having free time.

If you could collaborate with one UK Artist who would it be?

Elton John

If you could collaborate with one USA Artist who would it be?

Chaka Khan


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform at in the UK?

To be back at main room at Ministry of Sound again..


Where is your dream venue or festival to perform at in the USA?

If it was possible to play at the Paradise Garage if it was open, one time on that legendary sound system..


What song inspired you to get into the music scene?

It wasn’t a song it was a producer named Rick Lenoir and he told me to follow my dream and you can do it and be as big as Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles.. So he released my first record on his label LnR Records out of Chicago around 1988 and the story began from there.


If your music was the soundtrack to a TV show, which would it be?

Charlie’s Angels because my music has that Discoteque feel and that show was based around that music.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Dj Behrouz told me at an industry friend’s memorial service. He said, “Lenny go back and listen to what you did on Strictly Rhythm Records and all those early house records you produced.” “The Fans want that sound from you again.” “Enough playing around with trying to recreate the wheel.” I said to him, “are you sure” and he said, “dude.. you were built for this.” I owe him big time for him speaking his mind to me.. Otherwise I would not be doing this interview.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians (not about the industry) just as an artist?

Project what you want to happen, see the success, feel it and live it. If you believe in yourself, you can obtain it, but you must work very hard to achieve this goal. Don’t be fooled by the non-working overnight sensation garbage. That is not real, it takes a lot for that one moment in time to become a reality. It takes some people 20 years to have that one moment called “’overnight success”..

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

If you build it they shall come. If you can project to win you can be a winner.


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?




What are your names?


Mayflower Madame consists of Trond F. (vocals/guitars), Ola J. K. (drums), Petter M. (bass) and Rune O. (guitars).


What is your genre of music?


Our music seems to belong to several genres: I guess you can call it a combination of dark wave, post-punk, shoegaze and psychedelia.


Give us a little bio about the band.


Trond and Rune have been playing together since they were kids, but this band was formed in Oslo in 2010-11. At first we struggled a long time to find a singer that fitted our sound. After a while our patience ran out and we booked our first gig without actually having a complete band! Trond was “forced” to handle the vocals, but luckily we found out that this was a good solution. We recorded a demo and in August 2011 we were voted “Band of the Week” on a national radio show for unsigned bands. This was a mini-breakthrough for us and gave us a lot of confidence. We played several gigs the following months and decided to release a record. Eventually, in 2013, our debut-EP Into the Haze was ready. It was released “in the quiet” (without any promotion etc.), but it still created a buzz on a bunch of esoteric music blogs. This was another boost for our confidence and we got to play a lot of cool gigs the following year (including two of the biggest festivals in Norway – Norwegian Wood and Oya Festival (the Club Night) – as well as support gigs for some of our favourite bands like Crystal Stilts and Night Beats). In 2015 we released a cassette single on the American label Custom Made Music and a digital single on the Norwegian label Ghost Town Artists and started the recording of our first full-length album – the newly released Observed in a Dream.


Are you a signed band?


Observed in a Dream is released by our own, newly established Night Cult Records in Europe and Custom Made Music in North America, but we have no commitments for the future. So it is possible that our next release will be done by another label. In other words, we are open for offers 


Tell us more about the new album Observed in a Dream.


The music can be described as dark and haunting, sometimes ecstatic and noisy, but still very melodic (and we believe that it’s quite catchy as well). Lyrically it’s a tale about desire, anxiety, instability and longing – and the running order of the tracks is not coincidental: from the smouldering serenity of “Confusion Hill” through the feverish “Lovesick” and the haunting “Weightless” to the dissolvent closure of “Forever // The End of Everything”, it implies the different and fluctuating, passing states of relationships and life itself.


Tell us more about any of your new music you have planned.


Even though our debut albumObserved in a Dream has just been released, we actually finished the recording half a year ago and have already written almost enough material for album number two (which we will probably release early next year). The new songs also clearly belong to our distinctive sound, but they are a little bit more simplistic and “airy”, not as heavy and dense as most of the music on Observed in a Dream. I guess you can still discern a gothic, post-punkish vibe, but perhaps leaning even more towards psych rock.

Who are your influences?
As mentioned, we belong to several genres – dark wave, post-punk, shoegaze and psychedelia – and we try to combine diverse influences from these genres and then process them into our own, distinctive sound. Vocalist/guitarist Trond has a master’s degree in art history and we are also inspired by visual art – especially early 20th century movements like German Expressionism and Surrealism.

Will you be doing any gigs or a Tour?
We have just started the booking process, but we already know that we will be heading to the UK (London) in July and Germany (Berlin/Dresden/Leipzig) in September as well playing some one-off gigs in our home country Norway over the next couple of months. We hope that the London-gig (at The Shacklewell Arms July 29th) will evolve into a short UK-tour and we are also looking to book gigs/tours in other parts of Europe.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
We have no clue, but hopefully we are writing good music, playing cool underground clubs and reaching out to more and more people.

If you could collaborate with one UK Artist who would it be?
We would love to hear George Michael sing one of our tracks “Careless Whisper”-style. If that doesn’t work, we will try to revive Syd Barrett from the dead.

If you could collaborate with one USA Artist who would it be?
We wouldn’t mind having Iggy Pop as a backing vocalist/showman on stage.

Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in UK?
We have been to a psych festival at The Shacklewell Arms in London before, and we love that venue, so we are really excited to be playing there. Brixton Academy is probably too big, hehe, and we don’t know that much about other venues or festivals in the UK. Feel free to invite us!

Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in USA?
A tour that includes Austin Psych Fest, Cake Shop in New York and The Echo in Los Angeles would be great. Hopefully a dream that will come true.

If you could get one of your music on a TV show, which would it be?
True Detective (but please note that we are talking about season 1 here). Also we would like one of our tracks to be played during the final scene of The Walking Dead (if that series ever end). Especially if it ends with the zombies “winning”.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
We generally don’t listen to advices, hehe. Live and learn.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?  


Oh yes!


Hook us up here: (this song account is still a bit “fresh” for us, but we will get it swinging soon!)


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Adriana has a BA in Fashion Illustration from London College of Fashion but the now turned Singer/Songwriter she’s ready to show everyone what she is about!

With a very low and slow start we straight away hear Adriana’s vocals. come straight in which you can hear how modulated and silvery they are no instantly grabs yours attention and carries you through the track like you are on a journey to get to where you want to be.
The instrumental is fantastic and interesting again starts slow but as it goes more in to the track it gets more upbeat and the ride gets more interesting. You can hear the creativeness from start to finish and it’s magical. 
The video it self is whole world of creativeness especially because it was directed by Adriana herself.It fits perfect with the track and shows so much professionalism all the way through.
Already getting great exposure ‘One Day’ is up for two awards at The Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival. “One Day” is up for Best Fashion Film and Best Emerging Talent

Being released on May 6th 2016 be sure to be following Adriana for all the latest updates.

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Adriana has always loved the fashion and music industry. In 2011 she moved from Warsaw, Poland to go to London College of Fashion where in 2015 received a BA in Fashion Illustration.
If you think this is impressive, well following on from finishing her Fashion Illustration qualification, Adriana has gone on to work with many great names including H&M, Dunes and Tods; which has led to her work being featured in many popular magazines. Adriana is a fully formed popstar and is now ready to combine her passion for fashion with music. Adriana is set to jump into the music scene, releasing her debut single ‘One Day’ today (review will be up at 2:30pm today)
Get ready to see her explode – you won’t know what’s hit you! 
Self directing the video it’s safe to say Adriana has been waiting for this day to come for a long time!
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What are your Full names?

Jacob Dennis Appleton and Sam Luke Watson are our full names.

How did you come up with the name ‘BREATHE’?

Jacob: When initially coming up with the name of the group, we took into account both the message and morals behind our music as well as the texture of the sound itself. We felt, since the music is very ambient and atmospheric, that we needed a natural theme; an artsy name really. I always liked the way ‘CHON’ had their name in bold on their tracks and thought the concept was fairly different and immediately noticeable, so in all fairness… I stole it. I paired the boldness with the themes of nature and thought of ‘BREATHE’ and hey-ho the name stuck. People liked the idea and we agreed on it pretty rapidly so here we are, BREATHE.

How old are you?

I’m 18 years of age and Sam is 17 turning 18 this August.

What is your genre of music?

Jacob: To many that is dependent on what elements you can identify from our tunes. We are ambient at heart with our music been classified ambient by the ‘Reverbnation’ charts. However, we have many sub genres influencing our tunes too. If I were to say what we are as a whole from a personal creative perspective I’d say: Ambient, Atmospheric, Electronic, Progressive, Vaporweave. A mouthful huh…

Give us a little bio about BREATHE as a band and individuals.

BREATHE are a two piece ambient, atmospheric group consisting of guitarist, sequencer, pianist and dual bassist Jacob Appleton and drummer, bassist and worldly percussionist Sam Watson. We are ex band members from various projects who have come together to form a very concept driven group that supplies music as an experience rather than a casual listen. Though our music fluctuates from smooth and soft to intense and technical, we aim to create emotionally relevant pieces that adapt to trends we want to send a message about. With influences ranging from Nordic Giants to The XX, we try to offer a unique blend of story and musicality in a very bold fashion.

How long have you been doing music?

Jacob: I’d say since I joined secondary school so from when I was about 11 or so. I started looking at music more passionately and seriously however when around 14 since that was when I started playing in ensembles more often.

What made you go in to music?

Jacob: The fun, the reward and the personal achievement you get from playing an instrument. Always a passionate music listener, I often played with the thought of being in the position I once worshipped, that of a musician. Nothing beats the buzz of wowing an audience with your capabilities and causing a crowd to feel emotions that you have always wanted to evoke. It is an art form that is both personal and relatable at the same time; it is the best art form.

You released two new videos, tell us more about them.

Jacob: They are two interlude videos we have for the first and ultimate tracks on the album. Though they contain none of our guest features or even vocals, they were made as a quick taster to people as to what the EP will be about. They are artsy and slightly over-dramatic in parts but hey they tell a story and they allow for a degree of connotations that people can decipher for themselves; we made the songs with a message and we are imploring you to find that message yourselves. ‘Seed Vol.I’ is much more uplifting and sappy if you would, but ‘Seed Vol.II’ is much more sinister with more disturbing themes expressed in the video; this is because we wanted to invert the progression in the first song and evoke different feelings the second time round with a more eerie tune… It will make more sense once the EP is released.

Tell us more about the process of making both the videos.

Jacob: Simple really. We dived deep into the royalty free clip database online, handpicked certain scenes that we would clip together to create a story. If you know your way around editing software and you have film already collected, then it’s simply a case of working that into a narrative and I think we achieved that.

You are also debuting your EP tell us about the background of it?

Jacob: Ah yes the EP will be called ‘Feather’ and we have big hopes running into this thing. We went with the ‘Feather’ idea since it looked bold on an album cover and is instantly recognisable. Also we want each EP and LP to have a particular theme, this one is nature and you can’t get much more natural than that. The background per say is just that we wanted to create something entirely personal and without interference from other studio mechanics etc. We wanted to test ourselves and test our young heads to see what we are actually capable of.

What will we expect from the EP?

Jacob: The EP will have 5 tracks including the 2 interludes everyone has already heard and should be around 20 to 30 minutes long. We want it to be a very emotionally and story driven experience with a concept that is as prominent as some of the great atmospheric albums. The next single drops as of the coming two weeks and we hope that will sum it up better.

Are you a signed?

Jacob: As of this moment no unfortunately up, but we are open for offers. We have a partnered network on YouTube now which is a positive and we will just have to see what state we are left in after this EP has dropped.

Who are your influences?

Jacob: I’d say as a group Nordic Giants, Cinematic Orchestra, CHON and Plini. If you combine all these acts and take particular aspects from them, I think you can create something pretty similar as to the sound we are going for. Personally I’d say ‘Black Sabbath’, ‘Animals as Leaders’ and ‘Alien Ant Farm’ are my influences as to why I create music.

How do you get inspiration to make songs?

Jacob: I find a couple chords on piano that represent how I’m feeling and my thought pattern. I then flesh them out and start adding some extra instrumentation that hopefully further delves into how I’m feeling as well as keeping our stylistic edge upon these chords. The inspiration is my day to day life, the ups, the downs and what I value and what hurts. The inspiration long story short is retrospective on how I am feeling.

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

Jacob: I’d like to see myself somewhere in the music industry. Whether that be writing music, performing music, commercialising music or writing about music, anywhere would be totally fulfilling for me. I like journalism and have tweaked and looked around that area too so as long as I’m still cracking along in this direction, then I will be happy.

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Jacob: Well this a difficult one, but I’d say relaxing with friends and watching sports. Rugby in particular is a popular past time of mine and now I’m quite happy as to watch it rather than partake in it. It will always remain a very large aspect in my life so as a number one that would be it.

If you could collaborate with one UK Artist who would it be?

Jacob: Again another difficult one as I feel that the talent department has fluctuated profusely in the UK as of the last few years. But it would be between three artists/songwriters: Jon Gomm, Elvis Costello or Don Broco. Jon Gomm because his guitar playing is second to none and can create such massive sounds/intricate textures with just a guitar and his voice; the guy is an unbelievable talent. Elvis Costello because he’s one of those songwriters that I feel has written and performed some of the most underrated jams ever. He’s been a huge inspiration and a favourite listen of mine since I could walk and I feel he could enlighten me so much on the music industry as well as teach me how to create applicable yet varied music without losing any integrity as an artist. Lastly Don Broco because I think they are killing it at the moment. They’ve managed to change their entire style from album to album without selling out or creating watered down pieces. Their bass-lines are fresh and exciting, their guitar fluid with mouth-watering melodies and the twin vocals of Rob Damiani & Matt Donnelly are just excellent. They are completely opposite to our style too so could you imagine the collaboration? Would be fresh as hell if you ask me…

If you could collaborate with one USA Artist who would it be?

Jacob: Oh no question, it is between two… I would say CHON, because I think their style matched with ours could create one of the sweetest combinations I could ever imagine, and Alien Ant Farm because they are my favourite band hence meaning I would fan-boy everywhere. Would Alien Ant Farm work as a collaboration with BREATHE? God no, but it would be a stupid amount of fun attempting it anyway. CHON on the other hand would be the perfect band I can think of for a project like this.

Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in UK?

Jacob: Dream festival would be Download or Glastonbury for me. Download for the sheer lineup we’d be playing alongside which is the best in the world every year and Glastonbury because that this the pinnacle of a career for a British band to play there. Venue wise I have no preference, an arena is an arena and I think any arena would blow me way to play at.

Where is your dream venue or festival to perform in USA?

Jacob: The USA on the other hand I really have no preference whatsoever. Just to say I gigged in America would be enough for me to jump over the pond and still have support would be crazy

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

Jacob: Fish Tanks debut EP ‘Henry’ and any/all tracks off of there really showed me the beauty of diving head first into the music industry. Seeing them live in a small pub only furthered that for me since it showed that no matter your public presence, you can still have great fun trying to make a name for youself.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Jacob: I was watching the cheesy talent show ‘Guitar Stars UK’ one day and Toni Iommi appeared as a guest judge; a guitarist who I’ve always idolised. In Layman’s terms he basically stated that you can do all the intricate stuff and have the best practical ability at playing an instrument in the world, but that doesn’t make you a good musician, that makes you a set on instructions. A good musician knows when to hold back, how to inject his personality into a song and how to connect with every audience member with each note. It showed me that these guitar whizzes may play unbelievable solos but how many do you actually remember? Guitar demands heart, passion and soul, without it your just playing sequentially and you might as well be a robot if you’re aiming for that.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry just as an artist?

Jacob: Never lose your individuality and be successful in the eyes of the people you want to impress. When you write music and you perform music that you have written because YOU liked it and YOU enjoy it, then the product is always better. So many bands commercialise to a trend and contrary to popular belief, only a select few make it anywhere. Any projects that I’ve seen have success or find rapid acclaim has had a certain sense of individuality and swagger in their attitudes to music. They know their music is good because THEY made it and THEIR target audience loves it, not because they made a song with the ideology of pleasing everyone. Be true to yourself as an artist and an artist doesn’t copy other artists, that’s for machines to do.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

Jacob: ‘Don’t be the man catching up in second place, be the man making distance in first!’ Mr Mejabi 2014… Deep stuff from a math teacher huh?

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?


One: Tune the crap out of your instruments, even if they are perfect, tune them some more. I’ve seen professional groups forget this trait and an entire set can fall flat if not concentrated upon properly.

Two: Have some confidence in your stage presence, no one likes staring at a wall. If you look like you’re having a great time and feeling the music, funnily enough the audience will do the same.

Three: Keep talking to the audience. Between songs you don’t have to rush and flurry everything out to the audience in one, we like being talked to and made special. We want you to connect with us on a personal basis and make us feel like you really want to be here.

Four: Outfits are more key to a great gig than what you might think. Music isn’t about fashion, we understand that, but an audience’s first impression of you will be your look as a group so don’t dress as multi-coloured conflicting fruit pastels, have some style in your aesthetics.

Five: Yeah that confidence thing? Don’t be over zealous… I can’t tell you how many openers I’ve seen at gigs that I’ve had immediate distaste for because they made the show all about them with unnecessary egos (for god sake be likeable). When you’re part of a line-up, work for each other, don’t steal a spotlight you know you haven’t earnt yet… Wait until you’re a headliner for that.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

Yeah we have a whole ton as listed down below:

Facebook Page:


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