A trio made up from Ambience Affair and Tomorrow’s to create their new sound, calling themselves Divan.
Coming together to release their DEBUT album as Divan ‘Modern Knowledge’.

With 10 whole new tracks of unusual arrangements and great sound to give you the idea of who the Divan lads are about. 
Track 1 starts with their single ‘Shards’ a slow but heavy drum intro which makes you wonder where the song is going next.

Tracks 2 ‘Sale Of Lakes’ is more upbeat than track one which give yous a second opinion on the album. 

Vocals are rough but you could sit around and listen to this for ages and I love the fact the roughness comes in and out and their are some high notes in there to catch you off guard, it beautiful.
Track 3 ‘ A Clarity Appears’ seems a more serious song as soon as you hear the instrumental, I straight away though this is telling you a serious story even with out the lyrics being heard. 

This is just three of the ten tracks so make sure you go take a listen to hear the rest of a  different but unusual indie/rock album  that makes you want to take another listen to see the professionalism throughout the whole album be heard more.
Listen to ‘Shards’

Also be sure to take a listen to the whole album and let ‘Divan’ know what you think;

Follow ‘Divan’ on Twitter


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