What is your genre of musical you produce?It’s mostly African re mixes , and some original artists from African and other world territories  

Give us a little bio about you.
Grew up in the music and entertainment world – produced a lot of mainstream shows in my early years and went on to market some of Londons top nightclubs in the 90’s.

Went to South Africa and met some amazing musicians who have since become very close friends , brothers in life.

 Now looking to help promote them and their work along with my own and also now Uk musicians on a locally based TV show


You are releasing ‘African Storybook of Songs’ , tell us more about that. 
It is a culmination of 20 years work of mine and other artists – a selection of 70 songs over 6 albums

Tell us more about the songs individually.
Its difficult to explain each song but they are all of a certain genre which is away from the mass produced pop songs that we hear in the UK . We cover Jazz, Reggae, House and funky township grooves. We also made some remixes that are Afro based chill out tracks featuring percussion guitar and vocal harmonies. 

You worked with some great artists on this, how did they come about and what was it like?
Its a great honour an pleasure working with my friends. We all have the same purpose to bring the joy of music to the world . Its come about as a collective.

Is ‘African Storybook of Songs’ heading out on a tour or any have any gigs planned with yourself and the artists?
We have some plans for 2017. Tours and concerts . Still quite early days , plan to announce more in the new year.  

If so which cities will you be going?
London , ofcourse. Also looking at Germany , Denmark at the moment. Its still in the planning stage…  

What made you go in to music?

The fact that Im a good Audio Visual technician and enjoy working with musicians 

Do you play any instruments?
Bass and keyboard – but Im best behind a mixer 

 Who are your influences?

Jazz Blues Reggae Soul 
How do you get inspiration to write songs?
You feel it 

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Making more recordings, films and Tv shows , with out artists and production team 

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Listening to it !  

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 
Stevie Wonder… 

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
Stick with what you love

 What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

Be sure that you really want to take this journey , and take time to know the market place you are aiming for 

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Keep going… 

Where is you go to place after you have been away from home?
The mountains  

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
We have some generic sites which we try to keep upto date 


What is your name? Skyler Shaye 

What is your genre of music? 

I love any type of music that has soul in it. I grew up listening to country music tho. 

Give us a little bio about you.

I was born in LA and raised in LA. I grew up in a showbiz family. I started acting when I was 8 years old

Whats on your shuffle when you open you music library? 
My shuffle at the moment.. is James Bay, Guns N’ Roses and drake. And some Country  haha

What are your top 3 workout songs?

Hmm, I do a lot of Pilates so whatever my instructor throws on! 
You also act and been on some great shows and films, which would you say had the best music used in them?

Thank you! I would say my film Bratz had the best soundtrack. 

What was the best experience you’ve had in the acting industry? 
I would say that I’m very blessed to have hsuch an amazing family that’s been in the industry to guide me the right away. I’ve seen a lot of people come to this town and get caught up in it.
My godfather Jon is an actor and he’s always taught me to be humble and to stay grounded. 


can you tell us more about any new projects, your involved with? 
I just had a film premiere on the hallmark network here in the US called ” JL family Ranch” I been told we are going to make a second film! 

If you could be on one tv show what would it be and what music album would you want playing?
Stranger things 100% and music by Sia. 

If you was to form a four piece girl band, who would be in it and what would the name be?
 Easy.. would be my Bratz girls. Janel Parrish, Logan Browning and Nathalia Ramos. BRATZ would be our name 

Your Mom is Musical, what is her best song in your opinion from her song collection? 
Yes my mom sings country music, My favorite is “Fly Away” which she wrote about breakups and how to overcome it. 


You was in the video for ‘Fly Away’ beautiful song by the way, how was that? 
 It was amazing. It was a personal song for me in many ways. And I want girls and guys to know that even though you are going through the pain in time you will heal. 

Take a look at the video below 

How would you describe ‘ Fly Away’? 
  Strong and empowering 

Do you play any instruments?

I do not! I really wish I could play guitar and piano tho 

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

Making great projects 
do you write of any sort? music, film, tv , if not would you be interested in doing it? 

  I do write. I love writing. 

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Never change 

Where in your hometown is the best place to Visit?
Los Angeles is the best 

Where is your dream place to visit?  
 Dream place would be Fiji 

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 
Lipstick, powder, gum, and phone 

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you? 
Instagram/ itsskylershaye 


All you have to do is follow 

SKYLER: @itsskylershaye

MusifOTFuture: @MusicOTFuture 

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Ben Glover from Northern Ireland who now spends his time between Belfast and Nashville creating songs with stories!

His new album ‘The Emigrant’ shows his story of residing in Nashville and troubles he had but staying strong and achieving his dreams, he has created a folk album of a variety, Six traditional songs and four originally composed by Ben himself. 


Taken from his journey this is an album that has so much love , so much feeling and creates the life of Ben so beautiful.

Listen to ‘ A Song From Home’ 

Grab your copy on the 30Th September 2016
Find Ben on all social media platforms which are linked to his website


Sending out a message to follow your dreams because if you work for them they will! 
Check out the video below;

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One listen to the latest single ‘Can’t Stop’ from London based pop-trio The Scheme, and you can see exactly why they have teamed up with iconic brand Smiley whose previous partnerships have included Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Pharell Williams, Katie Perry, Chris Martin and Lily Allen.
For over 40 years Smiley has shaped the way we share happiness and express ourselves through iconic and creative products found all over the world. Smiley is a truly unlimited brand, evergreen and unique in that it has influenced musical generations, social movements, popular culture and the pursuits of happiness. Over four decades on, Smiley has become more than just an icon, a brand and a lifestyle: it is now a spirit and a philosophy, reminding people just how powerful a smile can be.


‘Can’t Stop’, which just landed at No.10 in The Music Week Pop Chart, is the title track from The Scheme’s forthcoming EP “Jerome Heights’ released Octpober 23rd and the song’s title is exactly how you’d describe your relationship with the track’s replay button. With artwork being diligently handled by the brilliant graffiti artist Endless, and remixes from the excellent Wideboys and Westfunk, ‘Can’t Stop’ is a delicious slice of pop-rock that will be entering your ears one way or another.
The trio is comprised of Kris, Kyle and Aleksey, a deft mix of two Brits and one American. They are very excited to have artwork duties handed over to Endless, one of the biggest names in graffiti and urban art worldwide today. Endless has had work seen worldwide, including in Singapore; this led to a collaboration with fellow artists Gilbert and George. He is represented by West London gallery Graffik, where you can see an Endless solo exhibition this summer.
The Scheme are also gleeful about their opportunity to have Can’t Stop remixed by the likes of Wideboys and WestFunk. Portsmouth-born duo Wideboys are the go-to-guys for a superb remix. They worked with Rihanna on her album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ and also on original songs with Roll Deep, The Wanted, and Liberty X. They have made remixes for a huge number of artists, including their club mix of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ by The Saturdays, which reached No.2 in the UK singles chart. Meanwhile, London based producer WestFunk is also a prolific remixer, having put his own magic touch on songs ranging from Jason Derulo to Enrique Iglesias. Expect both of these remixes to do some serious damage on the club charts when ‘Can’t Stop’ is released September 23rd.
The Scheme who have just completed a UK Tour alongside EMI Universal artists The Tides are no stranger to success themselves: their YouTube videos have incurred hundreds of thousands of views, and they recently performed for millions of viewers on Fox News. Amongst their celebrity fans they are able to count Pixie Lott, Coleen Nolan, Dee Cee Lee, Tinchy Stryder, Basement Jaxx, Michael Angelo (producer) Zane Lowe, Yeah Boy and Jessie J.
‘Can’t Stop’ is an irresistible piece of guitar-led pop, right from the get go with its excellent opening riff, and later with a stunningly harmonised chorus. The three guys recently revealed they wrote the song while 6000 feet up a mountain in Arizona. 
“When writing the track, our minds were on meeting someone who you really like,” Kris explains. “Frozen solid, tongue-tied, all shook up. So basically not knowing what to do, or what to say. Is it instant love or major lust?!”
This song may be about being in a situation where your entire body seizes up, but it will ultimately have the opposite effect, and get bodies moving.
The Transatlantic trio are keen for listeners to not take the lyrics at face value and deliberately left some ambiguity in there:
“No matter what they do, we can’t stop liking them – wanting to be with them. Or it could mean something, rather than a person. Either way, it’s for the listener to make the decision.” 
The Scheme know all too well that music means something unique to every listener, and they urge you to “listen to the song and put your own input in, too.”
With a huge online following, known affectionately by the band as their ‘Schemers’, ‘Can’t Stop’ is on a fast track for big success this Summer.
‘Can’t Stop’ is released September 23rd through Believe.
‘Jerome Heights’ is released October 23rd through Believe.
To find out what Smiley are all about visit:
For more information on The Scheme visit:


With a funky upbeat intro instantly making you want to ‘Sway side to side’ yet with that amazing rock feel! 

A very interesting song with a strong message that you instantly hear throughout and gives you the motivation to go out and get what you want and ‘go dance’ when you do! 
An all time fun rock song you can sing along to as well!! 
Check it out below 

Go follow ‘Magazine Gap ‘ on social media aswell for more from them, all links on their website;


What are your names? James Keen – Vocals & Guitar

Brian “Cookie” McCook – Drums

Alex Ho – Piano


What is your band name?

Magazine Gap


How did you come up with your name?

It’s actually taken from a major road in Hong Kong, where two of us actually grew up (though didn’t meet until London)


What is your genre of music?

Short answer – ‘rock’. Longer answer – a combination of a range of different styles including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, blues, funk, soul.


Give us a little bio about you as a trio and individuals.

James started out making a name for himself as a singer/songwriter on the acoustic circuit, before meeting Cookie, a well-known R&B drummer and producer on the scene with huge experience, and Alex, a classically-trained pianist (with degrees from Royal Academy and Royal College of Music) who had morphed into a jazz maestro. We were introduced through mutual contacts and wanted to try something entirely different that we couldn’t achieve on our own.


What made you go in to music?

A real belief in having something to say and something new to offer, plus a conviction in our abilities as musicians, performers and songwriters.


Are you signed?

We have recorded and released our own music independently under our own label (Jackaroo Records), but are open to major label discussions to reach a broader audience.


You have just released ‘ Body Language’ tell us more about it.

It’s a party track! We took an obvious theme and put a twist on it; there’s also a twist in the music.


Have you guys got any gigs coming up?



If so where will you be heading

We’re performing at Cargo in London on October 21st


If you could collaborate with any UK artist who would it be?

Ed Sheeran


If you could collaborate with any USA artist who would it be?

John Mayer


Where is your dream venue or festival to play? 

Royal Albert Hall


Who are your influences?

Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sting, James Brown, Herbie Hancock


How do you get inspiration for all your tracks?

We always try to find something new, built on a cool groove, catchy piano or guitar riffs, modified chords, interesting lyrics. It’s all inspired by what our heroes have achieved, specifically defying convention to create convention.


Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

Playing a number of dates at the Royal Albert Hall!


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Enjoy time with friends and family, watch live music, switch off at the cinema. 


What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 

James – “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

Alex – “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson

Cookie – “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” by James Brown


What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

“Think about whether you would you buy your own album” – makes you think about your music objectively and not become too self-indulgent.


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

Find your own voice, trust your instincts and have courage of convictions.


What quote or saying do you always stick by?

“Be music makers and dreamers of dreams”


In your hometown where is your go to place to go after you’ve come back from hitting the road?

Home is our go-to-place!


When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 

(1) Instruments

(2) Lyrics

(3) Direct audience to our social media

(4) Introduce the band

(5) Smile!


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow?

Yes, the Big Four: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube