With FOUR tracks and being released on the 20th January 2017 through Truly Independant Records, the Liverpudlian band are ready to show they can mix things up a great way! 

Looking at the track listing you may be familiar with but more chilled so to say yet stil having the JSATLK feel you always love! 

Track 1 ‘ ‘I’m Gonna Find Out One Day’ the smooth vocals fro Joe just grabs your attention and with distinctive instrumental it pieces the song together magically.

Track 2 ‘Fine Line’ a more upbeat and bouncy track to get you moving to the beat which this definitely does.

Lyrics that just bounce of each word and very easily remembered to sing a long too.

Track 3 ‘ Your Not Coming Back Tomorrow’

Again a unique instrumental that makes you look forward to where the track will go then once the vocals come in slow but you are just mesmerized by the song. Sounding very personally but sang beautifully.
‘No Turning Back’ a very story telling song that you just feel it’s so laid back and chilled giving the ending of a EP a magnificent ending! 

Make sure you download it on the 20th Jan from


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