It’s the final day of #BBWeekOfVidsOnMOTF and Video number seven is DJ Snake Ft Justin Bieber ‘Let Me Love You’. 
Covering this as a live session I love to see him do something different every now and then.
With Brock’s vocals being deeper in this cover it really gives him that head start with the different vocal tones and ranges in different songs. I love that because everyone is different and makes it his own in a great way!
In parts of this track Brock actually sounds a bit like Bieber as he gets to the chorus then just throws you off with them attractive vocals and the simmering of that great beat. 
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Brock Baker’s video number six is his cover of Andy Grammer’s song ‘ Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)’
Straight away diving in to the song is Brock’s fruity vocals, even though it has a slower start to the original it still takes you in the journey of the lyrics just the same. 
Brock added his own touch to his version and it makes it better and the chorus in Brock’s version is again a low beat but still has the catchy rhythm to the track.
The Uke is a fantastic touch to this video and really brings out Brock’s different vocal tones , he has so many and it’s so great to see in the different songs his plays.

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Brock Baker’s video number five is a cover of the Prince – Kiss
The video to this cover is more plain than the others where it had either guitars in the back or the fire but this is just a plain wall which I think is done on purpose to let you create your own image.
Starting with a bang, the song just comes out of Brock as if it was his own, with the vocals so powerful yet so smooth it just makes you relax instantly and put it on repeat.
I just love how professional this sounds , such high quality vocals which just make your heart melt and and the instrumental just carries you and it’s stunning.
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Brock Baker’s video number four is 

Brock’s Original Song ‘Marley’.
Starting it off with a guitar solo lasting around 30 seconds which gives it that build up perfectly.
This is a song that a lot can relate too, you can tell it is written from the heart expressing what he feels and sang so deep and soul. 

The imaginative and creativeness from Brock shines through this song and you need to listen to the message behind this song!
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Brock Baker’s video number two is another Collaboration Cover…Which features Alyson’s Original song. 
The pair do a Mash up of Rhianna’s Song called ‘Desperado’ and Alyson Stoner’s Original track ‘ Back To Church’ which she released a couple of months back. 
With Brock’ smooth and appealing vocals to Alyson’s silvery vocals, which they just makes you go in to a musical trance of bliss. 
I just love how Brock’s videos are always so simplistic but connects his videos,
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