Ginny Vee being born in Italy and wanting to making her dream a reality she took herself over to LA and with her amazing vocals and performances Ginny signed to Disco:Wax apart of Sony!

The dance anthem  was arranged by Steve Manovski and then got spiced up with the vocals by Ginny that just give the track that extra special sentiment.
The performance throughout is filled with so much passion and just sets the fire alight with a bang!

So infectious in such a beautiful way and gets you in the party mood and ready for the summer!

Be ready for Ginny to be global, so much more to come!



What is your names?my name is jennifer lynn Simpson
 What is your genre of music?

i would say my genre is country/folk


Give us a little bio about you.
born and raised in southern california, always loved country music, been singing since i was 2, writing songs in my head since i was 6 and my parents wouldn’t allow me to have music lessons. I can play piano by ear and am self taught on the guitar. Bought my first guitar 7 years ago. Was an actress and model and played my music publically for the first time at a friends wedding. Years ago. It all took off from there.


Are you a signed?
No i am not signed yet


Tell us more about your single ‘On The Road’
very autobiographical song. Never was brave enough to play for people but always knew i wanted a life on the road. It dictated my other choices. But music is where i am meant to be. Its never too late to follow your heart.


Did you work on it with anyone if so who?

I wrote that song by myself, as with most of my songs. I get invited to co-write sometimes, but i like doing alone better.
 What was the recording process like?

recording was amazing! East/west studios in hollywood, ca and with amazing musicians. It was heaven to me every single day!

How was the writing process for the song? 
I wrote on the road in my little one bedroom apartment in los feliz california. After a hike.. feeling my usual wanderlust. Wrote in a couple hours. 
You also released ‘Love’s Not Going Down’ tell us more about it.
Love’s  Not Going Down was written in one night after an act of terroism. I was so upset and everyone was posting about it on social media, so i thought i write something beautiful as my way of combating the violence. I love the song.
Describe each track in two words.
each track in two words…

Loves not going down- -inspirational and meaningful

Thank for leaving- -honest and funny

On the road- -moving train

Who was the first person you let listen to the EP, when it was completed?
my best friend and bf

Will we see a tour or any gigs? 

yes. I am leaving tomorrow for tour. Opening for Rick Springfield on his stripped down shows! Its awesome!!!
If so where will you be heading?
Boston, New Jersey, NY, 


Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar and piano and ukulele


Who are your influences?
Patty Griffin, Trisha Yearwood, Indigo Girls, Fleetwood Mac
 How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. A conversation, walking in the airport. Usually its a word that someone says that triggers it.
 Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

Winning grammys and playing with all of my idols!!!!!


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
 I love my bulldog and reading and creating, painting, anything creative really


Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?
The Hollywood Bowl!
 If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?

Coldplay,Rolling Stones!!!!!!

If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?

Patty Griffin, Jason Aldean, Amos Lee
 What  was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 

There are too many songs! Way too many. I have listened to so many songs i love a million times. Literally.
 What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Be yourself


what would be your dream show to have your music played on? 

Tough one….this is us. I don’t watch a lot of tv but i saw the first episode and i plan to watch more


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

Follow the voice in your head. Be honest about who you are and Share yourself!


What quote or saying do you always stick by?

If it is to be, it is up to me.
Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

I do; 



 What is your name?A: John Klezmer, but I go by KLEZ


What is your genre of music?

A: Indie Soul

Give us a little bio about you.

A: I was born and raised in California listening to Soul and R&B classics. Mixing my own life story with the inspirational songwriting style of many prominent Soul artists before me, I have found a way to connect with a wide array of people through my music. Though I am currently finishing up my time in college, you can find me performing at various clubs and venues in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

What made you go in to music?

A: Music has always been something that has made sense and worked for me. Through trials and triumph alike, from childhood to present day, music has always been there to narrate my life and allow me a creative outlet as a musician. I have always been filled with respect and admiration for those who create positive change with their music, so it made at a young age to seek a career as a singer/songwriter, and a performer. It also helps that my family was/still is loving and supportive in all that I do.
Are you signed?

A: Yes, I am a signed artist with Sx3 Music

You have releasing ‘Holidays Are Here Again’, tell us more about the track.

A: ‘Holidays Are Here Again’ tells the story of someone driven by love and nostalgia, to make it home to their loved ones for the holidays. I was fortunate enough to have assistance from producer/songwriters Roger Gisborne and Dylan Kelly, who really brought a lot of holiday spirit to the production of the track. A graceful intro and chord progression by pianist Corey Walles sets the initial scene of the song and from there it continues to build.  

What was the writing process like, to make it more original and not similar to other original christmas songs?

A: The writing process was challenging, because I wanted the song to feel familiar without actually being something that was done or heard before(which is often easier said than done). There’s a distinct difference between paying homage and replication, so I made sure that this song had it’s own distinct production and sonic quality that set it apart from previous holiday classics.

Would you ever do a Christmas EP or Album in the future?

A: Though I don’t currently have any plans to create a Christmas EP or Album, I don’t see any reason why that can’t be a possibility in the future.

 Will you be heading out for any gigs this festive season?

A: I’ll be spending the remainder of the year working on my second EP, but you should be able to find me performing around San Francisco and Los Angeles in January.

Who was the first person you showed your new single to once completed?

A: I think I either showed my mom or my brother the song before I showed anyone else. Both of them have an eclectic taste in music, so I often show them my music first.

 If you could perform for 5 people in the music industry who would they be and why?

A: It’s difficult for me to name anyone specifically. Though I have been greatly inspired by many people in the music industry, I believe that everyone’s opinion and reaction to my music holds equal importance and gravity. The opportunity to perform for any number of people and leave them with a positive and memorable experience is more important to me than anything.

 Do you play any instruments?

A: Yes, I began playing guitar around 10 or 11 years old. Despite my nearly non-existent attention span and my inability to afford lessons (for more than a couple of months), I found a way to teach myself to play guitar, piano, and bass. I continued to experiment with instruments and play by ear until I learned to read music as a young teenager. Since my younger years as a musician, I have received more music lessons and theory training here and there, but I prefer to focus more on the emotion of a song than the theoretical “correctness”. Learn the rules so that you can break them…I’m not sure who came up with that saying, but it’s great.

Who are your influences?

A: My list of influences is always getting larger, as I am always pushing myself to broaden my musical horizons, but my main influences include: Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Otis Redding. I think that more people will get a better feel for this on my second EP, but in the meantime, a live performance always makes these influences very apparent.

 How do you get inspiration to write songs?

A: I usually get my inspiration from memories and experiences in life. I do my best to not have a closed mind about sources for potential inspiration though, and I always make sure to embrace it when I have it. If inspiration strikes in the dead of night, then I will wake up so that I can record, then go back to sleep after. You can always catch up on sleep, but you can’t always remember a great song idea, if you let the moment pass.

 Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

A: I see myself continuing to make music in a community that inspires me and that I can affect in a positive way. I will continue to follow opportunities on the road, I will continue to make connections along the way, and I will continue to enjoy the journey…wherever it is that it might take me.

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

A: Whether or not I am making music, I am always listening to music. That being said, any time that isn’t spent making music is usually spent cooking or dancing. I used to ride my motorcycle around as well, but it I need to fix it, so that hasn’t been part of the routine for a little while.

What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

A: There wasn’t a song that influenced me to get more involved in the music scene, but there was a person. My brother, who was on the board of directors at the college radio station where I worked, really encouraged me to be more active in the local music scene. If it weren’t for him encouraging me to do a singer-songwriter competition, then I might not be where I am today. A lot of great things happened and connections were made that night, and I don’t know how things would have gone otherwise.

 What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

A: To enjoy the ride more and worry about the destinations less. If you’re always focusing on where you were yesterday or where you need to be tomorrow, then you’re never really appreciating the moment that you are currently experiencing.

 What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

A: Don’t lose sight of who you are. There are billions of people in this world, and though we are all similar in many ways, each of us also has our own unique qualities. Many artists are put in situations where they may feel pressured to change themselves or their craft, but if there’s one thing that this world can’t get enough of, it’s authenticity. Also, don’t be deterred by people who try to drag you down with negativity. There are plenty of people like that, but they can’t harm you or your music if you don’t allow it to bother you.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

A: “If you’re not constantly evolving, then you’re becoming obsolete” – KLEZ
Yes, I realize that I just gave you my own quote, but I do live by that saying. I think that it’s important to strive for progress and change. Whether you are a musician or not, I think we can all agree that if people never changed their ways of thinking then this world would be a sad place to live.

Where is your dream venue to perform?

A: I don’t have a dream venue. The venue doesn’t make or break an experience as a performer. I’d rather perform at an intimate venue with an interactive audience, than perform at a gigantic venue with a static crowd.

 When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

A: For me, it is essential to not forget the following: a positive behavior, stretches before performing, water, instruments, and my bandmates.

You just come back off tour, back in your hometown;

1/ where do you visit first?
A: I would return to my grandmother’s house, as I lived with her for a number of years, and my parents don’t live in my hometown. Also, my grandmother listens to great music, cooks great food, and we get along very well.

2/where do you eat first?
A: I would eat at my grandmother’s house. I guarantee you that my grandma cooks better than any restaurant that I could go to.
3/who do you see first?

A: I would see my brother first. We grew up close to one another and we have remained close. We usually show each other new music and original songs as well, so that’s plenty reason for me.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

 A: Yes.

Instagram and Twitter: @KLEZmusic


What are your names?
Nick Fazekas, Ike Williams, Eddie Core Jr,Nicole Row,Ryan Evangelista and Drin Elliot 
What is the band name? 

HIgh Sunday
What is your genre of music?

Hip Hop 
Give us a little bio about you as a band and as individuals.

Ike: Me and Nick have have been performing together for almost. We started as a group Enfamus, and rocked up and down the coast from Santa Barbara to Orange County. A couple years ago we decided to move to LA and expand into a full live hip hop band, so we moved, changed our name to High Sunday, and convinced 4 other people to join us on the journey.So now we have me and Nick rapping,Ryan singing and playing the guitar,Eddie on the drums,Nicole on the bass and the amazing Drinn on the keys
How did you meet eachother?

We met each other through mutual acquaintances in the music world.
Describe eachother in one word.

Are you a signed?

No , we are an Indie band as of the moment
Your self titeled EP ‘ High Sunday ‘ is being released soon, tell us more about it?

The debut EP is 4 songs that we feel encompass the general message that we’re trying to convey as a band. We want to inspire and show that the music doesnt have to be dumbed down, or even familiar to the ear to be great. we have something great happening here.
What was the recording process like?

The writing and production happened over a couple of years, in various locations and the mindset, but when it comes to recording, everyone usually so ready and so professional , that I just have to press record.
Describe each track in three words.

Wonderland – Fantasy or Tragedy 

Let Go – Time To Party

Get There – Road To Success 

Hip Hop Annonoymas – Hip Hop Annonoymas 

You gave ‘Hip Hop Annonoymas’ out as a free download, what was the reason behind that?

It was a part of PR campaign leading up to the release of the EP.We needed the proper outlets to have their hands on a song or two before the big roll out.
Do you have any videos to accompanie the EP coming out?

Yes, The Hip Hop Annonoymas video is coming January 2017
What is next for you all? 

First we want to make sure that this EP release goes properly, and we have a video coming out next month. also the big “release” party will be in Hollywoodon Jan 20th, otherwise we’ll be playing at Skinny’s Lounge in North Hollywood December 8th.

we’ll be rocking NYE at the west end with Dj Sean Cutter who tours with Shwayze
Do you have any collaborations in the works?

We are always collaborating for live shows.We have huge special guest appearances to where we’ve had up to 10 performers on the stage at once! As far as music we have plenty of collaborations,and we’re always open to more.We didnt become a uper band by being closed minded , and not willing to work with other musicians.

Would you be up for collaborating with other bands or artists, if so how could they contact you?

Always! and then can contact us at or on facebook

Do you play any instruments?

I play all of them , but we’ve split responsibilities as listed in the 4th question/
Who are your influences?

being that we’re 6 extremely well roundedstudents of music,the list of inflences is eay too long,so we’ll just say eachother
How do you get inspiration to write songs?

we have so many different life stories and experinces to draw from but also weed.
Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

On tour somewhere… and no longer having to answer the question ” what kinda music are you” because the sound High Sunday should be be familiar enough by then. but also,in a seperate mansions 
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Eat and sometimes sleep. thats about it 

Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?

The Hollywood Bowl
What would be your dream show to have your music played on? 

whatever the number #1 tv show is 
For anyone vistiting Los Angeles, where would you reccommend them to go?

to any and every High Sunday show. It’s an amazing experience
If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?

If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

As an artist ” you have a gift” A gift last forever and can reach the world. So when things get rough in this unconvential lifethat you chose,remember what a powerful gift you possess
What quote or saying do you always stick by?

Keep up
You get off a plane in your hometown, 

1/ where is the first place you visit – 

Ike – Moms house 

Nick – Grandparents
2/ where is the first place you see 

Ike – The Beach

Nick – My families home
3/ where is the fist food place you go and what do you get

Ike – Sam Pedro Brewing Co for a beer and a Burger 

Nick – Whataburger 

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 

Set up merch booth , plug all night , drink something ,smoke something, and …the lyrics. Cant forget the lyrics!
Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

twitter: @highsunday 

instagram @highsundaymusic 


What are your names?
Casey Kalmenson, Nick Setter, Lanita Smith
What is your genre of music?
Indie Pop-Rock with some Soul
How did you meet each other?
Nick and I (Casey ) Met at a school I was teaching at about 2 years ago. I met lanita about 9 months later at House of Blues where she was playing Keys in a band I was listening to. Nick and I had already been writing together for a bit and then we brought Lanita in to hang and collab with us .
Are you signed?
Not yet.
Your self-titled EP was recently released. Can you tell us about it?
Its been a really fun and rewarding process. We have a lot of different things going on sonically in the group so getting a project that sounds cohesive was important. Our producer Ryan Marrone killed it on that. The actual recording only took a couple weeks but mixing, tweaking, and getting all the other elements ready for release took us longer than expected. Learned a lot and cant wait to get back into the studio in the New Year to cut some more songs.
What was the recording process like?
Fun and casual. We recorded in this studio apartment complex on Melrose in LA… small and quirky space but really great sound. We survived on Pizza and Whiskey.
Describe each track in three words.
No Matter What- Positive, hopeful, fun
Too little Too late- Big, Anthemic, Raw
Forever – Dynamic, Romantic, catchy
Out on the edge- Groovy, Warm, Bass
‘No Matter What’ was released on ‘All Things Go’ — how was that for you all?
It was awesome. We are so stoked on all of the support we have been getting surrounding the release.
 Do you have videos in the works? If so, what can you tell us about them?

Not yet but soon. We want to put our funds into recording more music and then in time making some great music videos.

 Casey, you released a Jazz album before Little Monarch was born. What is it like to now be part of a trio?

My jazz record was the first thing I ever released. Its been a wild ride musically since then and I think this project is a great representation of where I am at in terms of what I love to sing and listen to now.

 Who are your influences?

The Police, Coldplay, Alabama Shakes, Blood Orange, Tame Impala to name a few more contemporary acts. Rolling stones, Beatles, The Cure are some classic groups we love as well.

MHow do you get inspiration to write songs?
A lot of the time we start out with a guitar part that Nick has written and build from there. Usually takes us an hour or two or talking, eating, hanging, and then we get inspired and pick up instruments.

 Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Touring, a couple more albums, maybe even collaborating on some film scores.

When  you’re not making music, what do you do?

I love the ocean and live down by the beach so I am usually surfing or chilling with my dog when I am not working. – Casey

 What would be your dream venue to play in your hometown?

I grew up in New York so Madison Square Garden would definitely be an amazing venue to play. But ultimately, I would have to say Jones Beach Amphitheater, just a really cool venue right on the water. – Nick

For me it would have to be the Greek theatre since I grew up in Hollywood. I just love the open air and the acoustics are amazing. – Casey

What would be your dream show to have your music played on?

I just started watching Better Things on FX and I love it. So either that or maybe Suits since my parents love that show lol.

For anyone visiting Los Angeles, where would you recommend they go?

I’m a huge fan of hiking up to Griffith observatory, really great views of the city from up there. Then you should stop at Yuca’s down the street for some of the best tacos I’ve had here. Also, checking out the weirdness that is Venice beach is always a good time. – Nick

 If you could collaborate with one UK Artist or Band, who would it be?

James Blake

If you could collaborate with one US Artist or Band, who would it be? 

Anderson .Paak
 What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

You really have to be on it everyday. Always try to use your time to advance your craft in some way even if you can’t practice in that moment. Read about what other people are doing to create success for themselves, even if they aspire to do something that seems unrelated to what you’d like to do. You never know what may jump out at you and change you for the better. – Nick

 What quote or saying do you always stick by?

There are a lot of great ones out there.. I think maybe “ Work hard Dream Big” is a good one for us. If not that one then “ If at first you don’t succeed, order pizza.”

 You get off a plane in your hometown:
1. Where is the first place you visit?

Family… I’m never there so I’m always trying to crash someone’s house -Lanita

2. What is the first place you see?

I’m probably looking at food spot -Lanita

3. Where do you go first to eat?

My dads… -Lanita

 When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
In-ears, water, keyboard and accessories, make-up, and lyrics…(Ha) -Lanita

 Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
@littlemonarch3 is our band account
Our personal pages are


From Maggie McClure’s music being heard in a variety of tv networks to Shane Henry opening up for many great music artist the two have come together and produced a brand new CHRISTMAS SONG! 
I’m never a fan of some of the Christmas songs, it’s the same all year round don’t you think?

Still having that Christmas vibe but has a more heavy start which surprises you at first and then once Shane’s vocals comes through it really has you up and singing along and Maggie voice is like an angel that just flies in giving the song that extra special touch! 

The lyrics are fantastic and very singable at the Christmas table when your having your Christmas dinner and chat with your family.
Take a listen for yourself below and be sure to get it on your Christmas playlist 

Check out more from 

Maggie McClure

And more from Shane Henry 


Not all can say they have moved states at 20 but Taylor Noelle has ticked it off her list of to do’s from moving from Los Angeles to Nashville to persue her dreams!

The new EP was produced by Andrew Connor and set to release on the 25th November 2016. 

 With four tracks that you straightaway feel the pop vibe really excites you to hear how it all comes together.
Track 1 ‘ Too Good’ an interesting instrumental that puts a smile on your face even before the stunning vocals come through. 

With fantastic beat and sing along song you really feel the way this song moves and its great.
‘I Fall’ is track number two and I have a preview you all get to hear before the release of the EP so Ill leave this one to you guys to get your opinion on but i will say you’ll have it on repeat.Its slower than track 1 one but still has those silvery vocals and fits the theme so magically.

 track 3 ‘ Wont Waste My Time’ with a title that makes you wonder how this track will go , its definitely a surprise in a magnificent way.
 last up is ‘Covers Me’ a very story telling song that feels personal to Taylor and the way it is sang is so beautiful and peaceful. 
with an instrumental that you just would love to hear over and over and vocals so professional.