Apera Woodfine is the man behind the vocals,guitar and is THE LEAD then we have Andy Deihl (you may have seen his name before on my blog also in JimmyMoore&Cas.D), Andy plays drums and does vocals for Apera then last but not least is Sam Stretch who plays bass and does some vocals too. 

Slow start yet a dark feel to the track which it relates to the title ‘Dark Days’ which makes it very honest.
Check out the video for ‘Dark Days’ 

‘Testify’ has a more upbeat feel and a great guitar solo to introduce the song.

The heavy drum really gives it the extra and pushes it so well. 

Vocals are fantastic and sang again with that honest feeling.
‘Spaceman’ feels more of a song that makes you wonder about everything and everyone and make you wonder whether to ask twice but at the same time you don’t need to. The vocals are sang so clear and bold to really get the message out.
‘In The City’ tells the story of Apera ‘In The City’ how his ‘mum told him to write everything down’ and ‘how hard it is to be a man ‘ ‘In The City’ 

I love how this track is more vocals than instrumental but the instrumental really emphasises it more in what he is singing about.
This is just 4 of the 11 tracks on the new album ‘Lift You Up’ 
Grab a copy right here to listen to the rest;
iTunes –
Or STREAM it and let us know you favourite track 
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Get all the updates in Apera right here 



The London based four piece Kid Cupid are made up of Laura,John,Ian and James with a fantastic electro genre.
Laura’s modulated vocals jump straight in to the track with the electronic infused instrumental that makes your head turn. 

With so much professionalism and a unique sound to call their own really stands out and just makes you want to see what is next. 

Lyrics so good and artwork to fit the theme, this definitely needs to be on your playlist. 
Check out ‘ Blue Moon’ right here 

Follow Kid Cupid for so much more;


How did you come up with the band name?
Our teenage years were in the early 90s at the peak of the grunge and Britpop era, because of this everyone assumes our name is drug related. It isn’t. Back in the (ahem) 70s and 80s there was a kids TV show called Words & Pictures. This was an educational programme featuring a floating orange alien character imaginatively called ‘Wordy! Anyway, one of the songs on the show was to highlight the use of the letter ‘e’ and how it used silently to change the pronunciation of preceding vowels (check us out!); ‘bit becomes bite with e’, ‘kit become kite with e’! This was the ‘Magic E’ song and where our name came from!

Give us a little bio about you as a band and as individuals.

The Magic E’s formed in 2014 when Stuart, Pete and Phil played a covers gig in Jaspers garden for a mutual friend’s wedding. The four of us clicked and we soon dropped the 90s indie vibe to write our own indie rock tunes. Pete had a library of tunes he’d put together and the four of us have spent the past couple of years producing the sound you know as The Magic Es. We’ve been compared to loads of different musicians from The Undertones, The Who and The Jam to Neil Young, Teenage Fanclub and Bruce Springsteen! Pete is the leader singer and guitarist, he’s the driving force behind the band and the catalyst for a lot of our tunes. He also has a home recording studio which helps! Jasper is our bass player and the most experienced of the band. A founder member of Then Jericho, he is a stickler for detail and getting the component parts and sounds of our tunes just right! Stu plays drums and, as a 90s indie nut, brings a distinct groove to the Magic Es (along with digital promotions skills)! Phil is our other guitarist and adds layered depth, he’s MOD inspired!

You released your new single ‘Running Scared’, what’s the meaning behind it?

It’s a classic tale of love gone wrong and stems from Pete’s own experience. I think everyone’s had relationships that haven’t worked out and can relate to the emotions of a breakup – the frustrations, the arguments, the insecurities of knowing things are going wrong but not knowing how to fix them, second guessing yourself, your partner and feeling pretty worthless. It also highlights the desperation of this process (and it is a process) and the strength to look at yourself as an individual, understanding your chosen one is not necessarily the one for you (losing the one you never really had) and plotting a better future for yourself- getting ‘over this and making better plans’. It’s both a painful but hopeful insight into every adolescent relationship that’s ever broken down. Bittersweet or what!  

Tell us more about your writing process.

Inspiration can come from each band member, Pete is a machine and fires out almost complete tunes on a daily basis! We will come to practice with a riff, or a melody to share with the others. Melody usually leads the way; we knock it around at practice and if we’re still playing it a few weeks down the line then we set about fine tuning parts, dynamics and lyrics. It’s always a band process, it’s the only way that we can get the Magic Es sound and each of us is open to critiquing every component of the song. We value each other’s thoughts and opinions. 
You’ve also released the video, how much fun was that and what’s your best memory from the shoot?

The video was shot at a venue local to us, the Waterfront in Norwich. We shot pre and during our last gig there with Donovan Jones who was our producer, cameraman and editor! It was loads of fun, we set up individual footage to start with, Stu getting his time in the limelight first behind the kit (he’s always moaning he’s not in enough of our pictures). Donovan knew exactly what we were looking for from the video and brought his own approaches and ideas, he managed us brilliantly through the whole shoot. We had a lot of fun, the smoke machine is always interesting but the glitter canons during the live performance topped it off. Jaspers spent days finding bits of glitter in places it shouldn’t exist!

You are set to release your debut album, can you tell us more about it?

‘It goes on’ is our debut album and will be out for release in April 2017. We’re all really proud of it; the tracks themselves, how they flow through the album through to the artwork on the cover and disc! We’ve worked really hard to get the Magic Es sound and this album reflects who we are perfectly. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll record from start to finish. It took about 3 months to finish and now we can’t wait for people to hear it. If you like emotive, melodic guitar rock with a very British feel then you’ll love it and will be singing along in no time. 

Do you have any gigs/tour in the works?

We’re working up a 4 date tour of the north of England to promote the album at the end of April. We also have a number of other headline shows and festival appearances throughout the year. All dates can be found on our website at

When you’re not making music, what do you do?

Listen to music! Every member of the band is a music lover through and through. Stu just bought an old HMV stereomaster vinyl player, like his nan used to have! He’s busy trying to rebuild a vinyl collection that he sold many years ago. We all love looking around vinyl fairs and stores to be honest.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

‘Keep at it!’ we could bang on about the hardships of the industry, how technology presents opportunities and barriers and how society now favours armchair wannabe heroes rather than paying a few quid to support local talent and local venues! Truth is that there is so much talent out there and you just have to keep getting out there, keep learning, keep improving, keep promoting yourself and making sure your stuff is heard. We’re all in favour of networking and communities, we need to look after each other.

What quote or saying do you always stick by?

‘If you do wants you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!’ think this quote has been attributed to a bundle of different people but it’s always resonated. Change is inevitable, progress is inevitable, things move on. If you don’t tune in, embrace change then you’ll get left behind – the world won’t stop turning just for you! The Magic Es are always trying to think of new ways that we can do things, whether it’s different approaches to a specific part of a song, different sounds, different technology or whatever, we want to try and get ahead. If you follow our social media streams you will see that we put out regular, engaging content. We want to engage with our fans, find out what they want and deliver it, we won’t progress by looking backwards.

Your coming back from tour;
1/ where is the first place you go?

2/ who is the first person you see?

Family and children

3/ where is the first place you go to eat?

The local pub

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

You can find us all over the web; is our website. You can hear our music at, we’re on Facebook at, follow us on twitter at and buy our music directly from us at or purchase from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. We’re all over Spotify too.



What is your name? 

Martin Helleu 

How did you come up with the stage name ‘Studio Montaigne? Originally this project started at school and as a duo but the name was Montaigne. After I graduated my friend and I launched this project in London.


What is your genre of music?

 Pop house.


Give us a little bio about yourself. 

I am from Paris and based there, I am a producer, composer and singer. Art is the most important thing to me. I guess it is a family affair.


Are you a signed band? 

Some ep’s have been released with labels Cascine and Irradiant Hologram but Studio Montaigne is not a signed band yet.


Your new Ep is called ‘Believe’ can you tell us more about it. 

We all need to believe in something. I guess I am just a believer. 


Did you work on it with anyone if so who? 

I composed and wrote “Believe” alone. Studio Montaigne is a solo project. 


What was the recording process like? How was the writing process for the song? 

The process was quite old school. Just a piano and my voice, the goal for me was to keep this song minimal.


Who did you play the EP to first?

 I like to share my new production with close friends. Some of them are musicians too and if they don’t like it, they always tell me for sure.


Do you have any UK gigs or a tour coming up or in planning? 

Not yet but we would love to play the Uk when the time is right.


if so where will you be heading? London for sure.


Do you play any instruments?

 I play the piano and synthesizer but I am self taught.


Who are your influences?

 It’s very eclectic: Raphael Saadiq, Disclosure, Duke Dumont, Paradis, French touch….


How do you get inspiration to write songs?

My inspirations are from love, or simple cool things.


Where do you see yourself in 5 Years? 

I hope my music is successful so I can live in an island in my amazing studio with a view of the sea. 


When you’re not making music, what do you do? 

I am working on music all of the time. I am also working on a second musical project but it’s a secret right now.. 


Where is your dream venue to play in your hometown?

 It would be at the top of the Montparnasse Tower. 


If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?

 Duke Dumont, I think he is a genius.


If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?

One of my biggest dreams would be to work with Beyonce.


What was the song you listened to most that encouraged you to get into the music scene?

 “Music sounds better with you” I was 12 when Stardust released this song, it has the best lyrics on earth to me! 


What’s  the best advice you have ever been given?

 If you think you are able to sing, do it.


Which show would you love your music to be played on? 

Any Tim Burton movies.


What advice would you give to any aspiring musicians not about the industry but just as an artist?

 Keep trying, don’t give up, be yourself.


What quote or saying do you always stick by?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever” Ghandi



You get off a plane in your hometown, 

1/ where is the first place you visit

The Louvre 

2/ where is the first place you see 

The Panthéon

3/ where is the fist food place you go and what do you get

Probably the famous steak house “l’entrecote” you can order the best profiteroles.


When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 

My lucky mic, my keyboard, my friends, water and the lyrics of course


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?


Studio Montaigne’s forthcoming EP Believe will be available from 3rd March from Parisian record label Irradiant Hologram with remixes from Employee of the Year, Tero and Chine Larcoche.


Critics are a trio made up of Lynn Paighton who sings the vocals, Jack  Lawson strums the guitar and Jamie Lowes plays the keys and synth!
As soon as you hear the instrumental a funky and harmonious sound jumps straight out and hits you instantly. 

Vocals from Lynn really gives the track that something extra, so sweet and energetic and flows along the track.
Make sure you check out ‘All I Wanna Know’ on March 3rd , all links will be posted on the trios social media ;

Twitter; then and

Stream ‘Spilt Milk’ to get ready for their latest release;
The trio will also be heading out on tour in  MARCH  SUPPORTING VUKOVI


Fri 10th GLASGOW – King Tuts

Sat 11th LEEDS – Key Club

Mon 13th MANCHESTER – Sound Control

Wed 15th BRISTOL – The Louisiana

Thurs 16th LONDON – Boston Music Rooms

Sat 18th NOTTINGHAM – Rock City Basement
So grab a ticket and hear them live! 


How did you come up the name Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors?My bandmates and I are big Star Wars fans. They had used “The Traitors” before on one tour, so when we were coming up with a new/updated band name they mentioned it. The new Star Wars movie had come out, and the “traitor” reference from that film really resonated with us. So, it stuck!
How you describe your genre of music?

I would say it’s country tinged pop/rock
You’re releasing new single ‘We Never Should Have Moved To LA’, what’s the meaning behind the track?

A lot of bands and/or artists move to LA to “make it”. But I’ve never understood why.
Can you tell us a little about your writing process?

Songs or ideas come to me. I never sit down and go, “I’m going to write a song”. I wait for the idea to come to ME.
You worked with some well-established musicians in the past, like Ginger Wildheart – what advice have they offered you?

Yeah, I guess I have, huh? My favorite bit of advice that Ginger has given me thus far is how important it is to “stay consistent”.
Can you tell us more about some of your favourite tracks on the album?

They actually change. But right now, my favorite has to be “Smarter”. I love how it goes from a Classic Rock sound, to a Pop Rock sound… and then a Country middle section. Love that.
Later this month youre heading out on a UK tour, what shows are you most excited for?

I’m excited about them all. London is our album release party… and we’re recording the show, so if I HAD to pick one to be a little more excited about. It’s that one. Plus, it’s in an old church, and it’s SOLD OUT.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Doing the same thing, the same way I have been for the last 2-3 years. But on a much bigger scale.
When you’re not doing busy making and playing music, what else do you do?

I really like to paint and draw. I love to LISTEN to music too. So, I do a lot of painting while listening to music. Haha. True!
What quote or saying do you always stick by?

I don’t think I have a favorite saying or quote, but the most important thing to me is HONESTY. I am always honest. To a fault sometimes. It’s something my dad instilled in me, and I am forever grateful.
You’re coming off tour and going home…

1/ where do you visit first 

I always stop at Whataburger after a tour. I don’t know why… but I CRAVE it.

2/ who do you see first

My beautiful wife.

3/where do you eat first

See question number 1. Haha!
Do you have social media accounts we can reach you on?

Yes, and I use them all the time.



Manchester post punk trio are storming their way through the music scene with their latest release The Future is Close Enough and I got a sneak peak!

With 8 brilliant tracks that all tell different stories it makes you think back in a brilliant way.

With vocals that really make you connect and be intrigued to the instrumental giving it that kick you just want to sing along to and you can definitely do that!
You could be anywhere and listen to this and automatically would think of the music scene a few years back and make you miss it even more yet has that unique twist that keeps you dragged in and get it on repeat!
Make sure you are ready for its release on the 24th February 
Check out track 4 ‘Mild Learning Difficulties’

Also the boys have some up coming gigs soon and what better way to hear the new material; 

Follow TY PES on Social Media

Official Website;


Salt Petal are a LA based collective with all in mind their love to showcase their own sound! 

Get your beach party started with this hit from the band!
You look at its title and see ‘TELEPHONE’ you then wonder but once you hear that beat kick in instantly,hard and heavy it instantly gets you smiling.

With all the variety in the one track it’s so adventurous and so out there you just want to have it blasting through your speakers all day and night! 
Take a listen to ‘Telephone’ below:

Also be ready because this isn’t all that’s coming soon; their releasing their new album Rare Hearts and it will be Available from 28th April 2017 worldwide.
Follow Salt Petal because you will be hearing so much more;



The Weeks are a four piece from Jackson,US 

Vocals and Guitar from Uel Dee,

Also vocals from Cyle Bones,

Cain Cobra on the drums and on bass is Dee Bone!

Brand new single ‘Talk Like That’ from the four piece The Weeks from their upcoming album set to release 7th April! 
A heavy guitar beat to make you jump and smile as soon as you hear it! 

Then heavy vocals that just clash so great and instantly gets you in the RockNRoll mood to party.
 A edgy dark video really adds to the sounds and makes it feel like so much has been put in and shows throughout in a fantastic way.
Check out ‘Talk Like That’ and the video below;

Also the foursome have announced there awesome new ALBUM ‘Easy’ out on April 7th through Lightening Rod Records.

Pre-Order ‘Easy’ Right here;
Follow The Weeks on social media and keep up to date with them;


What is your name?

The Survival Code


What is your genre of music?

Rock, Alt rock, punk rock.. depends who you ask and how specific they are on their definition of each of the above :). We’d say we’re rock


Give us a little bio about you.

We’re a rock trio based in London known for sharp melodies and big drops. We have been going since 2011 and have 3 major releases so far, the current one being our EP “Broken Strings” which we have been promoting for about 4 months and our new single “One” is from. We got going in earnest in 2012, released an EP “Everything but today” followed by an album “MMXV” in 2015 interspersed with dozens of gigs. We’re in the studio next month to start our second album


What made you go in to music?

It chose us, wasn’t a choice, just something we all had to try for our own reasons


Are you a signed?

We are associated with a label that help with our releases and distribution but no, we are an independent band


Your brand song ‘One’ , Tell us more about it.

One is our second single off our new EP “Broken Strings”, you should probably queue the violins haha… It’s a reflection of some of the strife we’ve come across in the band so far with numerous things going madly wrong, people and members disappearing. Despite all that, we always have to remember that every chance could be the one that makes it happen, no matter what went before so it’s a self motivation song that works for us.


Take a listen to ‘One’ right here:


What was the writing process like for ‘One’

It was great actually, it came together very quickly. As you can hear the main riff hasn’t much to it but is quite rhythmic and it just won’t stop haha. That main riff sticks around most of the song with slight nuances. Once we had the main riff, the other parts just fell into place. It was one of the those where it was just meant to be


You have also released a new EP ‘Broken Stings’ what is the meaning behind the title

Oh yes, we haven’t mentioned that yet haha, the title and main song is inspired by a poem in an old indian book of poetry called the “Gitanjali” by the poet Rabindranath Tagore. I sing and play guitar in the band and became obsessed with the main line and it became the basis for the release


Describe each track in three words.

One – Strong, relentless, passionate
Broken Strings – Energetic, Moorish, insane
Lost Cause – Melodic, powerful, dynamics


Do you have any gigs or tours coming up?

We’re actually keeping gigs on the down low for the next few months until we get the album recorded, but have a one in Brighton on the 16th of March and worthing on the 17th


Do you play any instruments?

A good few, but I play guitar and sing in the band


Who are your influences?

Deftones ,Alkaline Trio, Cohered and Cambria, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters


How do you get inspiration to write songs?

It’s addictive to be honest, and becomes a way of dealing with life generally. This means there’s always a hundred reasons you should pick the guitar up and start strumming away. Either to emulate one of your favourite songs you’ve always wished you wrote, or to forge a random and unique path. It’s everywhere, but as they always say, it’s easy to write songs! good songs are the question


Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

Recording our next big release in a studio in the US while planning which festivals we can fit into our busy Summer schedule 🙂


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

Not very rock n’ roll I’m afraid, I work in property


What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

Tonight, Tonight – The Smashing Pumpkins (that whole Disc 1 of Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness tbf)


What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

If you want something done right, do it yourself


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

Network well, and talk to as many people you can. Never a wasted hour when you can learn about who and who to to work with.


What quote or saying do you always stick by?

Straight to the outcome, skip all the steps


Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?

Clontarf in Dublin Ireland, first thing that comes to mind is the Castle. You have to spend a night in Clontarf Castle – it’s stunning (should be getting paid for this haha)


When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

Vocalzone for my throat
My won mic – can’t be using the house mic
my wireless system
my pedals


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?