What is your name? JJ

What is the bands name? 


How did you come up with the name?
I am fascinated by the juxtapositions that occur in every day life but “Juxta” just sounds better!
What is your genre of music?
It’s pretty mixed but if you had to pigeon hole it I like to think of it as “Industrial Post-Punk” 😛
Give us a little bio about you as a band and indiviuals.
Well the band is really me as the main singer/songwriter/guitarist with guest musicians from time to time.

I actually only started recording in 2016 even though I am nearly 50! I think this gives me a very unique perspective on life as I have had nearly half a century on this planet. You won’t find any songs about breaking up with girls on my albums 😛
Are you a signed?


Your set to release a brand new album ‘Welcome To Your Life’ tell us the meaning behind the title.
You know it’s taken me a LONG time to realise that virtually everything you hear in the media, on the TV and even from the people you meet on a daily basis is primarily lies and deceipt. I used to go around blisfully unaware of this fact and it’s taken me plenty of decades of life experience to finally figure this out. So the title is aimed at myself.
I know that sounds a bit negative (OK a LOT negative!) but actually once you realise this fact it’s quite liberating as you care less about other people’s opinions of you!

Tell us more about some of the tracks on the Album.
The brain fascinates me especially the way we get hung up on irrational things and how experiences affect us in profound ways, either consciously or subconsciously. Most of the songs on the album explore this.
The Beautiful Ones for example is about those groups of extremely confident people you see at cafes and other social gatherings who seem to be having the time of their lives. I often wonder if they have struggles like the rest of us.
A few of the tracks towards the end of the album were written with live gigs in mind to add some serious energy to our shows. I like to jump around a lot!
what was the writing process like?
When I started writing last year I found I had this untapped reservoir of songs that seemed to just flow out of me. The way I write is this:

Get the session drummer in Logic Pro doing something that sounds like the kind of music I fancy recording

Jam away on the guitar until I get a riff I like the sound of

Get the basic structure of a song down

Then I usually leave it for a day or 2 and then come back to it and write the lyrics and record them.
What was the recording process like?
I must have decades of experiences just waiting to come out as I have found the whole process quite easy. I’m just hoping that doesn’t change anytime soon because I absolutely love writing and recording songs. I got so carried away when I first started and I have ended up with over 100 originals, collaborations and covers on my SoundCloud accouny already!
Are you heading out on tour with the Album? 
That was the plan but unfortunately my band members couldn’t commit to gigging due to their jobs. I’ve started doing some open mic nights and I am thinking about doing some alternative arrangements of the songs that I can play either acoustically or maybe with one other person using a drum machine and synth. I’m exploring these ideas at the moment.
If so which cities will you be going?
Obviously if I get the opportunity to play live it will be in the local area initially. So around the south east of the UK.
What made you go in to music?
I grew up in the 70s and was a “headbanger” but was also influenced by the punk movement. My dream was to be in a band but firstly I didn’t have the confidence and secondly the sensible part of me decided that actually having some money might be good so I concentrated on my career instead.

I’m about to turn 50 and I have more time on my hands as my kids have got to that age where they don’t need something every 5 seconds now. Also I got hold of a new Macbook last year and in the past I really struggled to try and make music on my own as I found the technology too limiting and time consuming. The “session drummer” in GarageBand is absolutely amazing though and after half an hour of playing with that I realised I could record easily.
Do you have any festivals you wil be playing this year?
I wish!
Do you play any instruments?
I play all the guitar parts on my songs and I program the drums. The only instrument I don’t play is the bass.
Who are your influences?
I have very eclectic tastes when it comes to music. As well as the classic heavy metal bands like AC/DC, Motothead & Black Sabbath I also love Trance music and have spent a lot of time clubbing. So nowadays the fusion of those two that you find with bands like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead really influence me. I still love the raw energy and “just give it a go” attitude of the original punk bands too so I think of my music as “Industrial Post-Punk”! 
How do you get inspiration to write songs?
Normally I just think about something that is pissing me off and there’s enough material there for several songs! Other times I can almost hear the words come out when I am listening to the music. Quite often I’ll just start singing gobbledy gook until some words form.
Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
My dream would be to have enough of a following to be able to play live shows reguarly. I’m not look at this being a career. It’s all about the enjoyment of the creative process and the buzz of playling live.
When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
Think about doing music!!! I have a bit of an absessive personality so when I start doing something that’s pretty much all I think about 24/7.
What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene? 
My tastes change all the time so I don’t have one song that inspires me. All I can say is that anything that is a little different from the norm will usually grab my attention and give me ideas.
If your music got played on a TV show or Film/ which one would you want it to be? 
I think it would be fun to hear Growing Old Disgracefully used in a comedy film about some old codgers doing something outrageous!
What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

To just go for it! You may think that you are not good enough but I am telling you that with all the technology available nowadays ANYONE can make music and there will always be someone out there that will like it!
What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Be kind, have fun
You are coming back off tour

1/first place you visit – home

2/first person you see – family

3first thing you eat – baked sweet potato wedges, fried eggs & salmon drenched in apple cider vinegar (bet you never had that answer before!)
When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 

As I haven’t gigged yet I can’t really answer that one.
Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Just a few 😛







Hello. SPC ECO is, as I understand, you Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin. Can we start out by some words to introduce your project and speak about how it began in the first place?
(dean):  Hi, originally via an email convo with Joey Levenson, I reached out to him on myspace as I liked what he was doing, we began sharing files and ideas which were to become our first single release You’re Alright via ClubAC30. As I was working on the tracks I thought it would be a good idea to run them past Rose for vocal passes and input to see what happened, Rose (as always) owned the tracks straight away and instantly became the voice of S E. We went on to release the 3D album with Joey and then moved away from the collab with Joey to write more on our own with a view to be more open about who we collaborated and worked with which is what we’ve always done. SPC ECO is really all about Rose and I, come to think of it it’s really an extension of all the recordings we’ve made since Rose was 5.
(Rose) : Dad and I have made music together for as long as I can remember. I have always popped my head round the door when dads working on something and when I heard the beginning of this new stuff with Joey I felt that it was something I could really get into. I wanted to start a project with Dad anyway so with this I remember being excited to start something that I felt we could build on.


You’ve been on numerous labels in the past – with Curve and now SPC ECO. Why did you decide to release this new EP independently? Is there really a need for record labels these days?
(dean) : We like to go with instinct and flow, it’s good to have a label to support you with physical releases but as far as recording and releasing goes we like to be able put things out there at any moment that seems right to us. In another time this was always very restricted and such a long uncreative process waiting for labels to get their release schedules in place, it was a very different time and way of doing things, today it’s far more artist driven. There will always be the need for labels for various reasons but the artist is the key more than ever now due to the power and reach potential via all social media and internet, it’s just the way things are now. But if like us you still like the actual CD or better still vinyl in your hands and on the deck the record label is always good for that, in fact very good for that when it comes to Saint Marie Records, our label in the States.


What can you tell us about the new ‘Under My Skin’ EP?
(dean):  I can tell you all the songs featured are very close in our hearts n minds, especially the title track which was formed on a wave of mixed and stressful emotions that Rose and I experienced during the recording of it. The collection of songs are all from an album we made called Dark Matter (except for the track Found) which was a kind of turning point for us, after being known mainly as a nu-gaze type band we decided to move away from the guitars for a while and dip into a more dark-hop kind of thing, downbeat and minimal with an emphasis on lofi character heavy beats, sub dub bass and Rose being the main focal points. For me the songs featured on the EP are all about the space you find yourself in while allowing yourself all the time you need to breathe it all in.
(Rose): I love the selection of tracks on this EP and really feel they work well together. The second track ‘Meteor’ is one of my absolute favourites and feel like it leads on from ‘Under My Skin’ really nicely lyrically.
The title track featured on US hit series ‘Teen Wolf’. How did that come about?
(dean): As all of these type of things come about, purely by chance, Laura Webb (music sup for Teen Wolf) came about the track via a music sync library we’re involved with, went with a gut reaction to it and presented it to the producers of the show and there you have it. A very timely placement for us which in turn has brought new listeners to SPC ECO, which is always a good thing. Getting your music heard is always a challenge, even more so due to the overwhelming music choices that are available today, so we’re really thankful that the song was chosen. A magic moment I call it, one of those things where everything just slots into place.
What kind of response are you getting about your new musical output?
(dean) :We’ve always had a steady and growing fan base for SPC ECO and the responses we get are generally that of amazing songs and how is it possible to be so prolific almost to the extreme, sometimes I feel we have to hold back with the recordings we make to allow the audience time to explore and digest them fully, but we do like to just get things out there in the moment. People are generally very receptive, supportive, encouraging whenever or however we release our EPs and albums. We feel we’re on the right roads at the moment, just following our instincts, I’ve just re read the question and I think you’re asking in a broader sense about my personal musical output, but the answer remains the same for all of the recordings I make or am involved with.
Have you been collaborating with any established or emerging artists lately?
(dean): I do get asked to produce and mix various upcoming bands n artists but I’m very particular about both the nature of the band/artist and my involvement within that, it has to grab me on every level for me to get involved, or I’m so particular about it that it puts people off. Either way it has to feel completely right due to my work with S E, and also because the main reason I’m still involved with the music business at all these days is because of Rose, she is the driving creative force behind it all for me, without her I would have arrived at the just dabbling stage years ago.
Are you planning any gigs in connection with this new release?
(dean): We do enjoy playing gigs at the moment of actually doing them, before the shows we are both terrified and after we just want out of the room, but the performance part is always a joy. We’ve stopped playing live for many reasons but are always open to offers we can’t refuse. No gigs are planned at this time, maybe we should get back on that, I/We have very mixed feelings about it as you can tell, but generally speaking if all the elements are in place we’d definitely be up for playing live again.


What inspired each of you when writing songs? Does it usually begin with an instrumental track or vocals?
(dean):  Almost always begins with a track, a bare bones idea or a mystery drone of sorts in place for Rose to then have a ‘on the fly’ pass or two of vocal before we decide if it has any merit or worth pursuing, fortunately we have a high connectivity when it comes to recording, the chemistry is very apparent when in record mode, it’s something that just is and always has been, which is always the key to the success of making something (in our case a song) that you love.
(Rose): When I first do a pass quite often it’ll be the first time that I’ve heard the track. I find this itself quite inspiring as I like the intuitive nature of recording in this way. Once the first passes are done we go over the takes and build from there taking the best bits. I never start writing with the words first so when we do the final takes I’ll sit with the track for a while and work out what it is that is being said, but sometimes its nice to leave them as they are and have a bit of a Liz Fraser vibe.
When you’re not making music, how do you spend your time (or like to spend your time)?
(dean): I like to cook and watch films, I’m not much of a reader but have recently read The Bergman bio that Rose bought me which I loved. Cooking is top as I do most of the family meals, then film, all genres, slow film and especially foreign film, I’ve taken to it enthusiastically, my knowledge is minimal compared to those that really know their shit but I think I’ve gained some knowledge about it, I find it fascinating, much in the same way I used to be about music when I was much younger (teens to 25) Film has recently become my main focus as it enables and involves all the senses as well as pretty much everything I’m drawn towards, also it allows me to indulge in utter despair and misery which I find inspiring. Not everything I watch or seek out involves misery bleakness or hardship but they are the ones that seem to stick and inspire the most. I think I might need a holiday soon, preferably somewhere that involves the outside, with sunshine and blue sea, although having said that I’ve always preferred black n white images of the sea… 🙂
(Rose):  I have recently dropped my days at work to focus more fully on my art. I work in a primary school as an art technician, which I love, but I was finding it really hard to balance everything whilst working full time. If I had a choice I would spend all my time making things but it can be hard to fight against self-doubt and keep momentum, I think I’m quite hard on myself though. It such a fantastic feeling to come home after work really tired and then to make yourself do something creative. Dad will quite often have a track ready and we’ll work on it before I have to go to bed. I always sleep better knowing that we’ve worked on something.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians specifically as an artist?
(dean): Well let’s try to be optimistic here, always make music that you love and enjoy making regardless of anything else, try to avoid making music that is outside of that place, obviously do what you have to do in order to get your name out there but be choosy and stick to it, after all the success is always within the making of something that you love, everything else can wait. Don’t get caught up in what others think you should be or sound like, you and your definition of sound or song is all that you should concentrate on, be prepared to fail, adapt and learn and remember you have the most important aid in the box, the delete option, which is just as important as the capture. Be true to yourself and you’ll be fine.
(Rose) :My life motto is ‘Gotta keep going, never ever stop!’ So my advice would be exactly that. Dads right, don’t change for anyone. If you love it then do it and, more often than not, you are your own worst enemy so just believe in your own ability.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians specifically about the industry?
(dean): Be mindful and suspicious, especially when it comes to all aspects of the business namely the people you employ, i.e. the managers, labels, promoters, publishers, PR, merchandise, record label A-R, band gurus, tour managers, accountants, lawyers and literally anyone who is outside of your close band mate family. Not one of these employed people are your friends. This is not to say that they are all crooks and scoundrels as I have known one or two that aren’t, but generally yeah eyes wide open, especially during those messy party times. Learn and try to stick to the original intentions, don’t be swayed into making extra more radio friendly songs, don’t agree that it’ll be fixed in the mix and never listen to your A/R especially if they wear those fucking horrible moccasin type shoes, avoid elders in linen suits at all costs, and never get off the tour bus on your own.
(Rose): I agree with dad mostly as he’s had more experience dealing with people in the music industry but saying that I like to think I’m more trusting of people generally. I don’t believe that everyone is out to get you but agree that you have to understand the worth of your music and not get sucked in to the hype of things. We’ve had great responses and experiences but then some not so great and to be honest I think it’s impossible to know which way things will go sometimes. Its always a bit of risk whenever you decide to work with someone new.
How did you end up working working with Shameless Promotion PR?
(dean): One of those things that just happens for the right reasons, connectivity, mutual understanding and general tuned in ness factor. Shauna is very committed, informed and connected, plus she really likes working with us as we do her, it’s mutual respect in full flow.
(Rose) :Shauna is lovely and the most on-the-case person I know!


Dean, when you were with Curve, did you enjoy touring and playing live? How much of that has carried over into your developments with SPC ECO?
(dean): I did enjoy some of the touring, I always enjoy the shows but its the other 22 hours a day I find disturbing and very disruptive. You have to find things to do that don’t involve drinking etc. otherwise you end up like a dried prune with a speech impediment. TBH I was relieved to end the touring with Curve, not because I didn’t like the playing aspect – I loved it, it was the being away from my very young family that caused me to implode and ultimately reject that part of being in a band. I’ve got post traumatic touring syndrome, as you have to take into consideration all the previous touring outside and before Curve I’d done. It’s a major head fuck if like me you enjoy being at home with Fam and loved ones more than anything else. As far as it impacting on the work I do with SPC ECO. Yes it did impact it as in I would not be able to or have done any of it if outside touring commitments were involved, I’m a recording artist that likes to record, perform and produce their own records, touring has it’s place but for me it’s always been troublesome, fraught with danger, not knowing if the plane will crash or the bus fall from the bridge type stuff…Yeah not for me really, I have difficulty managing a trip to the corner shop but I’m ok when it comes to visiting the chippy so not entirely hopeless.
Rose, you are an artist in multiple respects – can you tell us about your other field(s) of artwork? What about you Dean?
(Rose): When I was little I could never seem to choose between art and music, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be. I made the decision when applying for university that I would study art as I didn’t read music and couldn’t have studied it at university without knowing how (uh I know…WTF is that about?)… At university I realized that I didn’t have to choose between art and music. I started making light sculptures and then sound installations and it just spiraled from there. I remember having this realization that art and music can be part of the same thing. I enjoy making sounds pieces and installations that bridge that gap between music and sound art and have used samples from SPC ECO songs in my sound pieces. I’m interested in what makes music, music and what makes sound art, sound art to see where the boundaries actually are. I’ve never fully understood why we have to put everything into little boxes in order to make them understandable so like to break boundaries and make art that urges people to question their perceptions of both music and sound art. At the moment I’m working on some new pieces for a show I’m doing in March.
(dean):  I don’t have any other fields of work as such other than parenting, and as any parent will tell you it is the only field of work that you’ll ever have. I do like to dabble in art bollocks as in ideas and have recently been drawn to writing something about the industry or my time within it but other than that parenting with a dose of music is all.
Do you have social media accounts so that your fans can follow you?
(dean) yes, we’re active within all of the main ones i.e. FB Twits n Tumble etc, for the links to all we have them all listed at

Official Website: http://www.spceco.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SPCECO2/?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPCECO

Tumblr:  http://spceco.tumblr.com


Bandcamp : https://spceco.bandcamp.com/album/under-my-skin
Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/spc-eco/sets/under-my-skin-ep

‘Under My Skin’:   https://youtu.be/kf02c_Hz3Ig
‘Found’:  https://youtu.be/F9jWFtkLLJQ
‘Creep in the Shadows’:  https://youtu.be/njkMw68vpXI
‘Think Twice’: (‘Anomalies’ LP – 2016): https://youtu.be/9YHoTbC3SXw



Peter Smith a Dublin born rocker ready to get his voice heard and with his latest track.

Rough vocals with all the rock feels that you love comes through,keeping it simple yet so enjoyable.
With a memorable melody and vocals so orotund but still one to sing along too.
Featuring Rock- Pop legends Lax ‘N’ Busto to give it that little bit something extra and they definitely do!

‘High’ is set to release on the 24th Feb 2017 , check it out here;

Peter is also ready to drop his Album ‘Upon This Rock’ on May 1st!

Keep up to date with Peter Smith and get ready to hear more of him;

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeterSmithSings
Official Website: http://www.petermsmithofficial.com/

Keep up to date with Lax ‘N’ Busto
Twitter: https://twitter.com/laxnbusto
Official Website: http://www.laxnbusto.com/


What  are your names?
Paige Byrd (Guitar), Will Hopkins (Bass) & Jarred Hayden (Drums)


What is the band name?
The Captain’s Son


How did you come up with your name ‘The Captain’s Son’
It came about from a Woody Guthrie song called Muleskinner Blues. The opening lines are “Good morning captain, good morning son.”


What is your genre of music?
Independent Feel Good Slam-Soul-Pop for Animals


Give us a little bio about you as a band and as individuals.
Paige and Jarred met while in high school. They each had their own band at the time and would set up shows together around their towns. During this time Will was doing the same thing, only an hour away in Springfield. Paige and Jarred started playing in the same band together and moved to Springfield in 2010. During that time Will had moved to Hollywood for school. Paige and Jarred left on a tour in mid 2014, ended up living in the van for almost six months in Southern California and returned at the end of the year. Their bassist quit when they got back to Missouri. Will joined in on bass in late 2015 and it’s been nothing but excellent since.


How did you meet each other?
House parties and shows back home.


Are you a signed?
We have our own label we’re starting up, Ham N’ Dregs.


You released your latest track ‘Walking Around Purposely, tell us more about this.
It was written in various houses I (Paige) was crashing at in 2015 after we had came back off the road. I wanted it to be a song that everyone could relate to, that wasn’t all about love. Being bored, only seeing the world through your own eyes and just growing up on the streets like any young person just trying to figure it out. Simply living. I also wanted this song to have a plain vocal style so it would sound more relatable and relaxed, not too brash or intimidating to the listener.


What was the recording process like?
Very free and laid back, it was our escape. At the time we recorded last all three of us were working 40-50+ hours a week at our jobs. After we got off work we would throw a pot of coffee on (or three) and jam until we wanted to go to bed. Everything was recorded at our house by us.


What was the writing process like?


Your set to release your self-titled EP in March, what can you tell us about it?
Well we’re still thinking of a name for it actually, instead of just “self-titled.” As mentioned above, all tracks we’re recorded by us in our house in the basement.


How will you describe the EP?
It’s 6 upbeat, eclectic tracks with a particular 60’s influence and attention to harmony and good tones.


Do you have any collaborations in the works?


Would you be up for collaborating with other bands or artists, if so how could they contact you?
Probably, yeah. Facebook or our website, www.thecaptainsson.com.


Do you play any instruments?
Guitar, bass, piano, drums, organ, hand percussion, banjo, didgeridoo (though not well), hand claps, whistling, tambourines and shakers.


Who are your influences?
Arctic Monkeys, the Beatles, the Strokes, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Bob Dylan, the Growlers, Lucero, Dr Dog, My Morning Jacket, Allah Las, Blank Tapes, MC5, the Sonics, Vampire Weekend. … The list can go on for days. We love music. Plain and simple.


How do you get inspiration to write songs?
The emotional and physical rollercoaster that is everyday life.


Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?
Still alive and playing music ideally. It’s hard to picture what will happen next week or next month.


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
A lot. Being outside is big for us. We love hiking, skateboarding, hitting the beach, camping and so on. We’ll hit local shows or just chill at the closest watering hole. We crack jokes and beers.


Where would your dream venue to play in your hometown?
We’ve kinda already played it, The Gillioz Theatre. It was for a John Lennon tribute show. I suppose it would be pretty awesome to play our own stuff there as well.


what would be your dream show to have your music played on?
Is there a way to go back in time and insert one into an episode of Scrubs? South Park, the Simpsons or Family Guy would be rad.


If you could collaborate with one UK Artists or Band who would it be?
Arctic Monkeys for sure.


If you could collaborate with one US Artists or Band who would it be?
Dr Dog or Vampire Weekend. Matt Adams of the Blank Tapes would be sick.


What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more into the music scene?
It’s hard to name just one song or even one artist. Good music really.


What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
Be you because no one else can and that tomorrow isn’t promised. Also, pull your partner’s hair in the heat of things.


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and  just as an artist?
Be yourself and don’t put a timeline on anything. Don’t settle.


What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.


You get off a plane in your hometown,
1/ where is the first place you visit – parents house.
2/ where is the first place you see – the airport
3/ where is the first food place you go and what do you get – Lindberg’s, either the turkey burg or the black bean burg. They have a kick ass pecan salad there.


When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?
  1. Instruments first and foremost
  2. Capo and Picks
  3. Merch
  4. A meal beforehand
  5. The Setlist


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
We have our own website that has everything you need to know. www.thecaptainsson.com

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube.


What is your name?  Yasmin Natasha


What is your genre of music? 

Reggae, Jazz /Bossa & Pop = Ragga-nova (made up hehe)


Give us a little bio about you. 

I am a London based alto saxophonist singer-songwriter influenced by Bossa Nova artists Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz & feel good music by artists such as Jack Johnson and Paolo Nutini. Known for my unique tone, flare, contemporary riffs and presenting upbeat, unique and engaging performances. I recently performed for the Amazon Summer Staff party and invited to BBC Radio Solent, Southampton for a jam at the radio station and has performed with Chad Jackson live at The Electric, Brixton for ‘Hear The Drummer Get Wicked’. Yasmin has been working with a number of unsigned artists as Founder of & house band for LiveOnTheRoad Events which is a musician-friendly, branded, hosted, approachable platform for businesses & musicians to come together through the medium of live music and attracting local communities to each event.

I ooze positivity and beach-vibes through my music to inspire people to dance and get through the pressures every-modern-day life.


 Are you a signed? 

No (sadly!)


You are set to release EP, ‘Creases’, can you tell us more about that?

I’m really thrilled to be sharing my first ever EP and sax project to the world which combines reggae, jazz, pop and even bossa-nova inspired by my own favourite styles of music and music I am capable of delivering. The main theme that is evident throughout the EP is the upbeat, reggae-like melodies, which I based on a theme ‘paradise’. Escapism is fascinating to me and my thoughts about paradise keep me going through some emotionally tough times. I want others to learn what their own version of paradise is so that they too can mentally escape from any troubles they are having no matter how big or small J


Describe each track using three words

1) Creases: catchy, summery, inspiring

2) This Is Real: romantic, reggae, pop

3) How We Fly: escapism, love, dreamy

4) On Your Side: saxxy, bossa, nuts

5) Soul in My Shoes: emotional, poetic, progressive


 Will we see any gigs or maybe even a tour with this EP ‘Creases’?

Absolutely! Gigging is my favourite thing, though I look to gig at quirky places and not necessarily venues – you’ll find me at cafes, bars, rooftops and (hopefully) festivals next year for my #GetSaxxy tour in 2017! In the meantime, I’m gigging at places like The Troubadour (Earls Court) Rise46 (Clapham), Fu Manchu (Clapham), Rhythm & Brews Café (Chiswick) until Dec 2016. You can find out where I’ll be via the homepage on my site: http://www.yasminnatasha.com – hope to see you all J


You’ve have already worked with so many, ACM, Go Differently Amazon and more, how was that?

It’s been keeping me so grounded working 9-6 at ACM; what better place to develop your passion than by working in music education at a leading institution. It keeps me organised and motivated as well as inspired learning not only about music education, but also learning about music business. I love my job and it compliments my passion greatly.

Working with the Mahout Elephant Project in Thailand was magical and something my mum and me used to do a lot when it came to travelling; we’d always be on conservation excursions such as Rwanda. I am a huge animal lover and it really affects me to hear such tragic things are happening to innocent creatures in 2016. We weren’t able to solve the problem, but I was able to get perspective as to the way of life for not only the elephants but also the mahouts themselves. It makes me realise how lucky we are and to appreciate what we have and of course, wildlife – I think everyone needs perspective now and then J

The Amazon summer party at Olympic Park was an incredible experience, I was so excited and the hosts were lovely (the burgers were bloomin nice too). I was in my element performing at a private festival and would really love to do festivals such as Great Escape and SXSW next year if they’ll have me 😉

All of my music reflects everything I have witnessed and been through. That’s why I can’t wait to share it with everyone!


What has been your favourite?

My favourite experience, was definitely the mahout project. I grew very attached to the elephants but also with a slight guard up. I’ve always been terrible at saying goodbye mainly because of my past family and friend relationships to which I’ve developed an emotional guard. So part of me fell in love with the experience and Bung-Mi the elephant but I knew I wasn’t there for long and saying goodbye would be so difficult. It was emotional and would rather do that than beach it anyday. I couldn’t solve the problem, but I like to think I gave Bung-Mi a week of treats (bananas), love and attention; but Bung-Mi gave me so much more J


You are also working with ‘Live On The Road’, what’s that been like? Can you tell us more about it?

I started LiveOnTheRoad when I was without a job in March 2016 and needed a source of income (lol). I put my strengths (event management) and passion (live & unsigned music) together to create a platform that would help unsigned musicians by getting them gigs with an engaged audience. Being a musician and working at a music academy gave me all the contacts I needed and ever since we launched our first event in June 2016, I’ve been busy securing residencies around London and promoting the branded live music night in the hope of taking it on tour next year (literally on the road). It’s been a great platform for businesses, artists and even myself and made me realise although I was left without a job, it was meant to be as I wouldn’t have created LiveOnTheRoad – there’s me going all philosophical!


Where is your dream venue to play in the UK? 

My favourite places to perform has been on the Urban Arts Stage at OnBlackheath festival in Sept, 2015. We were just starting out but remember the buzz of the festival and also playing with guitarist, Ro Slater, for the first time live. Such adrenaline! I was so nervous but it was a great crowd. Plus Madness had just finished so the crowds were walking past me as I played 😛


 Where is your dream venue to play anywhere overseas? 

Great q! I need to do some research, but I know I’d love to play at a beach and surf festival. I’ve got a weird fascination with surfing and the beach is like where I belong haha! Plus I love Jack Johnson and dream of supporting him – so I’ll go wherever he goes!


Do you have any collaboration with any other artists in the planning?  

I do put some sax on other artists tracks, there’s definitely a few cheeky collabs under my belt.


What made you go in to music? 

The music school was the only place I felt safe during break / lunch times at school. I was bullied a lot and so would hide quite a lot during breaks to avoid confrontation. I started with Piano and clarinet when I was 11years old, then saw one break time a picture of a soprano sax on a poster in the music school and was asked what instrument it was. They said I needed to learn alto sax first, so I did and here I am J it’s the only thing that makes me feel good at something; I was always the kid that worked hard but struggled a lot. Now I can play & make music and work, it’s great!


Do you play any instruments? 

 I do indeed – mainly sax but other instruments are: guitar, singing and clarinent J


 Who are your influences? 

 My dad introduced me to old-school latin jazz and bossa-nova as well as old films such as Pink Panther (Peter Seller) and Carry On. I always loved the sophistication of the choice of music and fell in love with Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz. Then my modern influences are the beautiful Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini and of course, Jack Johnson.


How do you get inspiration to write songs? 

Mainly through poetry. From a very early age I won awards for my poetry and when I started singing (late bloomer at 18 years old) I put melodies to the poems. They had a massive part to play in my escapism from troubles around me.


Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years? 

I’d like to see myself having a decent enough portfolio to mentor, take LiveOnTheRoad global as a live music management company and be renown for my music and volunteering projects.


When you’re not doing music, what do you do? 

 Haha, usually playing Sims 3! Also constantly coming up with ideas for LiveOnTheRoad or working as a Program Coordinator for ACM.


What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?  

 Ah definitely ‘Good People’ by Jack Johnson. That song says what I’m thinking! I started listening to him when I was 16 when I also started playing guitar and couldn’t stop for a bout 2 years!


What’s the best advice you have ever been given? 

 ‘Don’t run before you can walk’


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist? 

 One thing I’ve learnt that is a massive part of establishing yourself as an artist, is to enjoy the journey. It’s the most important and fun part of being a creative person and I see a lot in the Academy, people trying to rush this part when it’s the best bit! Think outside the box, don’t perform at the obvious places in front of obvious crowds. It’s like a relationship, things won’t happen when you’re looking, so enjoy being you as an artist then others will enjoy your music.


What quote or saying do you always stick by? 

 ‘Things happen for a reason’ – this is literally the story of my life it’s amazing!


When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

1) My sax (believe me it happens)

2) Pen and paper – the most important things

3) Sax stand – my sax fell off stage and bent once at a gig at Tower of London (spooky)

4) A jumper – nerves make me chilly

5) My mobile, mobile charger so I can take videos and pics


You are away from home on tour for ages and you get back, where is your go to place in your hometown? 

Home! My family are my best friends, seeing them would be the go-to place. We’re all bonkers so it’s never boring!


Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you? 

Sure do!

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yasminnatashamusic/?fref=ts

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/yasnatashasax

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yasminnatashasax/?hl=en

• Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cf8t_P

• Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4i9Gzk5P9z9ypukm2PU4s4

• iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/yasmin-natasha/id977773545

• Website: http://www.yasminnatasha.com


 Tell us the story behind the name ‘ Park Fires’It’s a really random story actually. We were sat in the studio one day and we saw the name written down in our producers note book – so we ask asked him if we could have it and he said “yeah!”.

Give us a little bio about you as a duo and individuals.

We met 4 years ago and worked together firstly as a cover band. When we started writing our own material and found our sound is when we became Park Fires, which had only been this last year. We both work Monday to Friday to fund the band, and gig/rehearse on the weekends and evenings – so we really are ‘chasing time.’

Tell us more about your track ‘Deadbeat City”. What was the writing process like?

Time consuming. All in all it probably took us around 2 years from start to completion. We had a couple of breaks and then kept going back to the drawing board. We are pretty happy with it now though!

Will you be releasing an EP or album? If so can you tell us more about that?

Yeah, we will be releasing an EP in the New Year and are planning an EP launch but no dates are set in stone just yet. We will also be releasing another single towards the end of January called ‘Watch Me Go’ – so watch out for that too!

Will you be touring this year?

We’ve spent the majority of this year touring. We now have a couple of local dates in Leeds and London to see the year out, but we will be back on the road properly again next year with the EP launch.

What made you go in to music? Who are your influences?

We have both been involved in music since a young age! I mean, I recorded my first demo at 3 years old. Influences… wow, where to start! We love Chvurches, obviously. We also love Haim, and the fact they are cool strong women!

How do you get inspiration to write songs?

Inspiration comes in many different forms. Sometimes we can sit down to write a song and it just flows, and other times you can be doing something else entirely and a single word stirs the urge in you to write a song. The chords of a song can also be the inspiration before any melody or lyrics.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Alive hopefully! Alive & writing…


When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
We both have day jobs…so that takes up a lot of our time. I have a little girl too, so she keeps me pretty busy I guess!

You have had many radio plays and live sessions from BBC Introducing already, how did that feel?

Amazing, there’s no better feeling than something you’ve put your all into for so long finally being heard through the radio. The live sessions are always pretty nerve racking but Alan Raw at BBC Introducing is great and we always have fun!

Where would your dream venue to play?

That’s difficult to answer because actually sometimes the smallest venues are the coolest, and have the best atmosphere!

If you could collaborate with one Artist or Band who would it be and why?

Annie Lennox would be cool to work with.. she just oozes strength & knows what she’s doing!

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
Always be true to yourself and keep going!

What quote or saying do you always stick by?
Good things come to those who go out and f***ing earn it!

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?




What is your name? Skyler Shaye 

What is your genre of music? 

I love any type of music that has soul in it. I grew up listening to country music tho. 

Give us a little bio about you.

I was born in LA and raised in LA. I grew up in a showbiz family. I started acting when I was 8 years old

Whats on your shuffle when you open you music library? 
My shuffle at the moment.. is James Bay, Guns N’ Roses and drake. And some Country  haha

What are your top 3 workout songs?

Hmm, I do a lot of Pilates so whatever my instructor throws on! 
You also act and been on some great shows and films, which would you say had the best music used in them?

Thank you! I would say my film Bratz had the best soundtrack. 

What was the best experience you’ve had in the acting industry? 
I would say that I’m very blessed to have hsuch an amazing family that’s been in the industry to guide me the right away. I’ve seen a lot of people come to this town and get caught up in it.
My godfather Jon is an actor and he’s always taught me to be humble and to stay grounded. 


can you tell us more about any new projects, your involved with? 
I just had a film premiere on the hallmark network here in the US called ” JL family Ranch” I been told we are going to make a second film! 

If you could be on one tv show what would it be and what music album would you want playing?
Stranger things 100% and music by Sia. 

If you was to form a four piece girl band, who would be in it and what would the name be?
 Easy.. would be my Bratz girls. Janel Parrish, Logan Browning and Nathalia Ramos. BRATZ would be our name 

Your Mom is Musical, what is her best song in your opinion from her song collection? 
Yes my mom sings country music, My favorite is “Fly Away” which she wrote about breakups and how to overcome it. 


You was in the video for ‘Fly Away’ beautiful song by the way, how was that? 
 It was amazing. It was a personal song for me in many ways. And I want girls and guys to know that even though you are going through the pain in time you will heal. 

Take a look at the video below 

How would you describe ‘ Fly Away’? 
  Strong and empowering 

Do you play any instruments?

I do not! I really wish I could play guitar and piano tho 

Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

Making great projects 
do you write of any sort? music, film, tv , if not would you be interested in doing it? 

  I do write. I love writing. 

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Never change 

Where in your hometown is the best place to Visit?
Los Angeles is the best 

Where is your dream place to visit?  
 Dream place would be Fiji 

When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget? 
Lipstick, powder, gum, and phone 

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
Instagram/ itsskylershaye 


All you have to do is follow 

SKYLER: @itsskylershaye

MusifOTFuture: @MusicOTFuture 

Like Bronnie Paul’s music page 



What are your names?Dylan, Nate, and Nikki (Guitar, Drums, and Singer).

What is the story behind the band name?

The name is kind of an inside joke between the three of us. We figured that this band was the closest any of us will get to actually being married, so we named it “Nikki’s Wives”. It also plays up the dynamic we have on stage of Nikki as the groom in black, and Dylan and Nate in all white.

How would you describe your genre of music?

We usually describe it as alternative pop, but we like to take influences from a lot of different genres. We like to write pop songs and then make them cool and unique with production.

How did you meet each other?
At the time, Dylan was helping Nikki out with her solo project. They needed a drummer for one show so Dylan called up Nate to help out. After the first show we realized we had this great connection on stage. So we decided shortly after to become a real band.


Nikki, you’ve been making music since you were 12– what made you get started?
I’ve always wanted to be a singer, even when I was like 4 years old. So, when I got the opportunity to play in a band I loved the idea of getting to sing in front of people. I totally fell in love with performing and have been doing it ever since.

Are you signed?

We’re independent right now. We like the freedom that is gives us to be creative and find ourselves as a band. We’ve talked with some labels in the US, and in the near future will be looking more into that.

Your debut EP ‘For E-V-E-R’ was recently released. Tell us more about it.

For this EP we didn’t really give ourselves much time to write it. We locked ourselves in Dylan’s basement for 10 days, and wrote 8 songs for the record. The catch was that it was the dead of winter, and the heating was out. It was a completely collaborative process, where we all brought ideas to the table for each song – it worked out pretty much to a song a day on average.

Describe each track in three words. All the tracks are great but I do have to admit I have Fight Song on repeat.

Forever – Bitches ain’t shit
Lonely Being Cool – I’m very lonely
Fight Song – Fight for yourself
Another Lie – Happy Wife, Happy Life (that’s 4 words, but who’s counting)
Fantasize – Sending mixed messages
Ghost – Melancholy but hopeful
 You recently wrapped up a tour with CeeLo Green. What was your reaction when you got asked to do it?

We got told about this tour in the strangest way possible. So basically someone we were working with at the time sent us this cryptic email with only one sentence in the subject line, “How would u like to be direct support for CeeLo green?” The message was so strange that we all thought it was a joke or something. So when we found out that the tour was real we were stoked.

Has CeeLo given you any advice? If so, what?

CeeLo basically just told us to never stop learning and growing as musicians. Because you always have mistakes to make and grow from, and new experiences to learn from.

 You guys like your fashion. Who is your favourite designer?

My favourite designer is Saint Laurent. As a band we take a lot of inspiration from their refined yet grungy look, and I personally take a lot of inspiration from their clean-cut suits. It would be so dope to eventually have a Saint Laurent suit one day.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the fashion industry?

I think that it would be really cool to work with brands that are just starting to make waves and have the two of us grow together.

 What would be your dream TV show to have your music played on?

I think we would all die of excitement if South Park did a parody episode involving our music. I would keep a copy of that episode with me everywhere.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years we want to be the biggest band in the world. So who knows where we’ll actually in in 5 years, but for right now, that’s the plan!

When you’re not doing music, what do you do?
We don’t really do anything else. I think Dylan and Nate play video games, and I have an addiction to online shopping.

Where would be your dream venue to play in your hometown?

It would obviously be amazing to play the big arena in Toronto, either the Rogers Centre or the ACC. But, it would also be so cool and surreal to play an historic venue like Massey Hall.

For anyone visiting Canada, where would you recommend them to go?

You get off a plane in your hometown:
1. Where is the first place you visit?
Go down to Queen Street West. There are tons of great restaurants, cafes, and shopping. It’s the coolest part of Toronto by far.
2. Where is the first place you see?

You would probably see the CN Tower first. Its one of the tallest building in the world so its kinda hard to miss.
3. What is the first food place you go to and what do you get?

Go to Grand Electric on Queen Street W. It’s this tiny little restaurant so you have to go pretty early to get a spot, but they make the best tacos in Toronto by far.
 If you could collaborate with one UK Artist or Band who would it be?

Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine is one of my biggest inspirations as a vocalist. She knows her voice so well and can control it to do whatever she wants. Working with her would be such a life changing experience, so that’s for sure my answer.

 If you could collaborate with one US Artist or Band who would it be?

When we were in LA earlier this summer we met this up and coming producer, Stephen Rezza. He showed us a couple of his tracks and we really dug what he did with chopping up pre-existing vocals and arranging them to make new parts in the song. Since his style is more electronic, it would be cool to see how it meshed with our style of music.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

You can find us everywhere by searching @NikkisWives or by checking out our website http://www.nikkiswives.com.


What is your name?Dale Mckay

 What is your genre of music?

I think It’s a little pop, but has a little soul in some of my songs. But I have written all genres of songs.

 Give us a little bio about you.

Well I grew up in a little village called Anston just outside Sheffield. It was a quiet village and everybody knew everybody. I was the youngest child of 6, yes that’s right 6. At times it was hard growing up but my mum and dad did the best they could with what we had and worked hard to make sure we didn’t want for anything. My family have always sung, I mean who doesn’t like to sing. My sister used to be a club singer and I used to go up and down the country with her carrying her speakers and helping her set up etc. I always looked at her on stage and thought I want to do that.

Are you signed?
Not signed at the minute. Would love to be, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. My goal would be to get a publishing deal.

 You are releasing your EP ‘ Hear And Now on the 16th September, what’s the meaning behind?

Well, I have hundreds of songs, and these 4 were the ones that stood out the most. I thought these might have a good chance of relating to people. The title “Here & Now” came from me and a friend writing 10 EP titles down and we both happened to write that same one.

Tell us more about some of the tracks on the EP.

Well all 4 tracks mean something to me. It’s about the things I’ve been through, about the things that have changed my life. People in life go through changes, they have times when there up and down. All I’ve tried to do is put it into song.

Are you heading out on tour with the EP?

I wish I was, I’m hoping to make a few contacts soon to get on the road. I do quite a lot of gigs in the Sheffield area and I’ve done other gigs in the Nottingham area.

 If so which cities will you be going?

I’d love to do all cities “when” I get the chance.

 What was it like to get the email ‘Mark Forrest’ was going to play your songs on BBC Introducing?

It was amazing to get the email and I posted it all over my social media. Then to get a second email saying he’s playing it a second time “wow”. It’s great to know people that listen to music and day in and day out have an interest in it and like it. I must be doing something right.

 What made you go in to music?

Always loved singing. When I first started playing guitar I knew, this is what I want to do. Love that reaction I get from people when they hear me sing my songs. Sometimes I even get a few people coming up to me after a gig and saying that was a really good song and loved the words. That’s what I do it for.

 Do you have any festivals you will be playing this year?

Not this year. I did a few last year. This year I actually did a few weddings which was a different experience. But the couples that chose me had listened to my SoundCloud and facebook and wanted me to sing my own songs, so I loved it. I always like playing cover songs, but when you get the chance to play your own songs it’s a bonus.

 Do you play any instruments?

Only guitar, been trying to learn a bit of piano. Love the sound of piano

 Who are your influences?

James Morrison, Paulo Nutini

 How do you get inspiration to write songs?

It’s really weird, I basically sit down and play a few chords and start to sing. That’s how it happens for me. If I’m feeling sad, it’s sad. If I feel good, it’s an up lifting one. Generally, they are based on my life.  

 Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

Hopefully in a bigger house and writing songs for all the up and coming artist all over the world.

 When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

To be honest, I would be doing what I am doing now as well as music. A dad, a husband a family man. I’d be working hard to provide for them and make sure they don’t want for anything.

 What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

Pieces don’t fit here anymore “James Morrison” Love it.

 What’s the best advice you have ever been given?


 What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?

At times you will get down and think you will never make it. But just think back when you first started playing and you did it because you loved it. That’s why you do it. If it happens it will happen.

 What quote or saying do you always stick by?

If you don’t want it, you’ll find an excuse. If you do want it, you’ll find a way.

 When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

Guitar, mic, capo, tuner and water.

 Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?

I have a website http://www.dalemckay.com. That will take you to all my social media sites, ie facebook Instagram, Twitter etc.


What are your names?We are The SoapGirls,Mille on bass and Mie on guitar

 What is your genre of music?

We have diverse musical tastes and influences so it’s hard to label, its predominantly Rock, with elements of Grunge, Pop and Punk

Give us a little bio about you as a duo and individuals?

We are sisters, we have been performing together since we were kids, we started street performing at ages 9 and 10 selling homemade soaps for charity over 8 years which is how we got to be called The SoapGirls,we have never stopped writing together,we are both French born and grew up in Cape Town South Africa,we speak a few languages and although we are completely different we are always on the same wave length and the differences in our music tastes blends together 

 What made you go in to music?

We grew up performing and surrounded by musicians so it has always been part of our lives

Are you a signed?

 Your releasing your new single ‘Bad Bitch’, what’s the meaning behind the title

It was written after we were attacked onstage,we hated feeling like victims and so like with all experiences we turned into music, its literally about standing up for yourself and fighting for your right to be yourself

 Your heading out on tour , where are you most looking forward to play?

We have been on tour for the past almost 4 months we have another 3 more to go, we are headed for the rest of Europe from September and we love performing at rock festivals, we are really looking forward to performing at the Crazy House in Liverpool it is an incredible venue

 You are heading to Manchester, are you going to have a look round, if so let us know, we’ll tell you where the must go’s are.Definitely thank you:):)

If you could collaborate with any UK artist who would it be?
Royal Blood

If you could collaborate with any USA artist who would it be?
Alice in Chains

 Where is your dream venue or festival to play?

Our dream festival is Glastonbury

 Do you play any instruments?

Of course we do all our own music,Bass,Guitar,

Who are your influences?
For me(Mille)its Alice in Chains,The Offspring,Nirvana,Smashing Pumpkins,the Deftones,Ugly Kid Joe and for Mie its Marcy Playground,Fleetwood Mac,the Butthole surfers and Local H

How do you get inspiration for all your tracks?


 Where do you see yourself now in 5 Years?

We prefer living in the moment but if we haven’t died by then,we would most certainly like to be touring

 When you’re not doing music, what do you do?

We are always writing and playing music,to relax we love yoga, walks i the forest and or the beach and mountains
 What was the song you listened to most that influenced you to go more in to the music scene?

We became addicted to the guitar after hearing Steve Stevens guitar work on Billy Idol”s White wedding

 What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Be yourself

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians not about the industry and just as an artist?
Be original and daring,don”t create to formulas

 What quote or saying do you always stick by?

No Fear

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why? 

Alice in Chains its the one band we both love,every single song they’ve ever done is amazing
 When you are at a gig, what are 5 things you cannot forget?

For me (Mille)its Red Lipstick,Boots,My Ashdown amp and head,My Ibanez Destroyer Bass and of course a sense of humour,and for Mie its my Blackstar Amp,the crowd,glitter,tuning my guitar and my Ibanez Jem 

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow?
We do and love interacting with fans on Face book its The SoapGirls,same on instagram and twitter is the_soapgirls